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Very frustrating. She rents homes and lets issues in the house i.e squrrels chewing out, mold get so bad out of fear our landlord will raise the rent. How many homes have had damage because she wont say anything

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Some landlords are better than others. Some will use any excuse to put the rent up.

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If she rents--is she financially responsible for fixing things up and then being reimbursed by the owner, or does the owner have to hire someone to  do this?  I've not rented a house before so I dont know how that works--if it's her call could be that it can be expensive to rent a home. 

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Hmmm… Any place I have rented I was responsible for reporting any issues ie roaches, heating issues that could cause water pipe damage etc. After my landlord used an insect bomb for the roaches and they returned I was outta there. Lol. I can’t deal with a horde of any insects. Now that I own my own home I am relentless on any infestation whether it be ants, spiders or mice. We power wash our deck and house siding take care of our shrubs and trees it’s a pain but it’s all a part of home ownership.

Even renting a house depends on reporting problems with the property.

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