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I was at the Women’s March in Phoenix on Saturday, along with 3,000 of my pro-choice friends. We marched around the Capital building, waved signs (there were some great ones!) and chanted. Whether it’ll do any good or not remains to be seen. 

I marched for women’s reproductive rights in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. So WHY do we still have to do this? It’s infuriating! Around 85% of Americans want abortion to remain legal. But the pearl-clutching, hypocritical religious zealots think they have a right to force their personal morality on the rest of us. And religious dogma makes sure it’s  ALWAYS women who get shafted the worst! 

I’m mad as hell. As one of the signs at the march said:

“If I wanted the government in my uterus, I’d fuck a senator.”’

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They probably think women wake up in the morning and say I think I'll go get one of those abortions today. You know, like popping out to get some bread you're running short of.

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It is because women seem to protest, but not vote.  There are slightly more women in this country, than men.  The government has been trying to kill men off for generations in war. But I digress.  It seems that a large proportion of women vote for republican men, who vote against women interests.  Since the 70s, the halls of government should be filled with women.

Why did Hillary lose?  Why was mister pussy grabber elected.  Women just not paying attention?  Trump was/is an asshole and large numbers of women support him.   Lol Most of them are in no danger of getting grabbed by him.  Lol. 

Why are there no sane candidates running for office.  Because they are not afraid of losing womens vote.  Or for that matter, the black or hispanic, or LGBQ vote.   Why is texas run by a small group of white idiot men.  White men are a minority of that state.  

Good luck with this.

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I think you're getting at pretty crucial component to this whole issue with regards to the voting, but I don't think it's that these women are simply choosing not to vote, it's often that voting is either too difficult or restrictive or confusing...and that burden does fall disproportionately onto women. Those who did vote against their interests is certainly a separate issue that doesn't just plague women, yet is completely baffling (but probably internalized misogyny plays a significant role for this topic). I think what it comes down to at the end of the day is that the average citizen is not aware of or involved enough in politics to help impact the grassroots campaigns that then prevent total crocks from making it to the big leagues when everyone is finally paying attention.

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Because your angry white men have realised that they have to use covert methods and can no longer label a woman seeking the termination of an unwanted pregnancy a filthy whore out loud, so now they pass laws that say you can have a termination but you need to have it well before you pee on the stick.

As an outsider looking in, when the same old white men refuse to follow simple mask mandates, leading to 700,000 avoidable deaths, they should burn their pro life card and start listening to health educators.

Womans reproduction choices is a health issue not a political football.

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I agree it's ridiculous that these existing rights are threatened to be taken away from women. I also think it's interesting that the same people who vote against abortion, are the same ones that are pro guns. Very hypocritical in my view.  As in--it's ok to kill someone who is already existing in this world. 

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Keeping abortions as low as possible should always be the common goal. Abortions are actually at there lowest numbers in decades because of support agencies, such as Planned Parenthood, and other family planning institutions that provide free birth control, and family planning. They offer and follow a comprehensive plan that includes access to contraception, education, adoption laws, and economic incentives that assist low-income mothers. With that we can continue to keep those number low. 
Yes! I agree the extremists can't seem to get out of their own way. They need to get past their extreme rhetoric in order to create realistic solid solutions. Sadly, politics is all about opposing the other side. If they could just see past their own agendas to notice that Republicans and Democrats are actually not that far apart on the issue of abortion, they obviously want to keep them as rare as possible. The common goal should be to continue on keeping them rare. The sad truth is, if a women doesn't want to have a baby she will find a way not too, no matter what law is in place. Better to have a legal, safe place for women to get counseling to save a life, instead of her taking matters in a harmful illegal way. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation out there that stops this understanding in order to move forward.
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"“If I wanted the government in my uterus, I’d fuck a senator.”’

... they've been f-ing ALL of us for years...

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Well said!

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I respect your opinion but I also differ in some respects.

I believe abortion should be done before the 5 or 6th month.

Having an abortion at 8th or 9th month for sure sounds like Infanticide

I had a miscarriage at 61/2 months that was so traumatic it haunts me to this day. October 8th I977 to be exact. I hemorrhaged uncontrollably. Prior to this emergency I could feel her kick and actually see her foot print on my abdomen as she apparently stretched. I used to touch her little extended foot on my abdomen and she pushed lightly in return. Both my husband and I gazed in amazement.

I have no expectation of imposing my feelings upon you or anyone else. But it chills me to the bone that our culture has conveniently placed abortion clinics primarily in black neighborhoods. The men think this is one stop shopping and have no problems dropping their girl friends off to relieve them of any responsibility. The idea of flicking fetuses untold unimaginable numbers into oblivion due to irresponsible young men and women sorely vex me.

I’m sorry if you are offended by my my life experience and opinion it’s just hard for me to abide.

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I'm one that always appreciates a conversation, anytime. Also, I'm sorry for your loss. It's a traumatic experience anytime to lose a baby. As soon as, a women feels and states the connection as "my baby" it's a game changing experience.
The latest data I found shows that the majority of states prohibit abortions after a certain point in pregnancy. They ban abortions after a fetus is considered viable unless the pregnancy threatens the mother's life and health. Some states ban late-term abortions unless the mother's life and physical health are at risk and, on top of that, require a second physician approval before that abortion can be performed. For the most part there's a lot of restrictions for late-term abortions in most states, perfect! I, agree 100 percent that abortion should NOT be used as a form of birth control. The finding is that most late-term abortions happen only when the mother's life is in danger. I personally never knew of anyone who wanted to have an abortion at 8 or 9 months just because they decided they wanted one. I'm not saying, however, that has never happened, but what I am say is that it is rare. Rare is the goal. Also, I disagree that abortion clinics are located in predominantly in black or if I may add Hispanic neighborhoods, that is false. The truth is, no matter race, many who seek abortions are extremely conflicted, some feel very alone, and are naturally scared, therefore they need help to walk them through. So why disabled that help if it can save a life is my question? I do understand your feelings, but what I'm not understanding is the defunding of family planning institutions that provide and offer a comprehensive plan that includes access to contraception, education, adoption laws, and economic incentives that assist low-income mothers, etc.. With those institutions available we can continue to keep the number of abortions as rare as possible.  I believe there's reasonable solutions for all situations if only people are willing to listen to each other, and not close the door. It's not a one size fits all world by any means, unfortunately, that  how we treated each other regardless of political affiliation. I think if we start with common ground we can create real solid solutions. We all need to open our minds and heart to being tolerant of others feelings. I honestly think that's what we are lacking, on so many issues. There's definitely a lot of grey areas in this black and white world. We all can and should do better.

I too, do not like the idea of getting rid of an unwanted pregnancy or as you put it, "flicking off fetuses". This is why Planned Parenthood and other programs like it are very needed in the areas you describe where there is much poverty. True, they are everywhere, not only in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, but sadly, these are the same people who need the same facilities to educate them on pregnancy, alternative birth control, and raising a child on your own. They are very much needed there. 

    As for aborting a fetus past 7 months-- I don't these institutions allow that. An 8 month old fetus is after all, almost ready to be born. I have heard of women having miscarriages at that age, and it is horrible, traumatic experience as is any miscarriage (I have had one at 11 weeks, and still felt terrible about it then). I'm sorry you went through yours--which must have been extremely hard on you. :(

   Much religion plays into this as well, where some people are not able to get rid of a life because it would shame them, their church, and so on. And so there are many factors involved here, and it certainly isn't an easy problem to solve in this country or elsewhere. But for the most part--hopefully women are not using this as a birth control--because it is not something that would be forgotten easily. I know I would have a hard time with this decision. 

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JPT all great answers here.  Here is my take:

A small number of folks hate the concept of abortion, M&F.  They organize around narrow issues and select their candidates.  Get these folks elected, look at the nut job in the Carolina's.

These same folks organize PAC's and let their influence be felt on elected officials. Viola a Cluster F like the one in Texas.

Note, the Progressives follow the same playbook albeit on different issues.

The tails are wagging the dog and the US gets hung up in stagnant limbo.  Think the log jam in Washington most days.  Rarely does anything get accomplished

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