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I seem to have a better understanding of material when I sit on the floor.

I realized this when I was in grade school. I spent years from college but now I'm 30 and back in classes and noticed again. I do better sitting on the floor lol

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6 Answers

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In the distant past.

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I have an arm chair with a TV directly in-front of me that is also hooked up to my laptop. I'd last about 2 seconds on the floor.

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Many years have past, but when I was in school/college I would do my homework wherever I could. Sometimes at school. Sometimes at the kitchen table at home, or at a friends house, or on my bed, on a TV tray, in the stables, and like you on the floor, lol. I, also, had a nice desk in my bedroom at home, which was my favorite and the most comfortable place to do homework. As time past, homework has took on a different meaning for me, it's called business work at home. I have an outside business office close by, but there's plenty of work that I do from home. I have two offices both with nice desks, and comfy office chairs, so one of the two is where it's done most of the time.  I, also, have a conference table in my library for meetings where my computer is hooked up to my big screen TV, so often you'll find me in there. It all depends on the type of work at the time. Sometimes I need the large conference table to spread out all my material. I'm thinking that's the same reason you prefer the floor, there's plenty of room. 

(Congratulations on your return to college. I loved my college years).

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When I was of age, I did mine on the kitchen table or own my bed actually. I had a large immediate family and so when it got noisy, I preferred my bedroom.  Btw, I remember teachers giving math problems of about 25 on a page for homework (multiplication, etc). Why so many, was a mystery. If you could solve 10 of them, depending on the type of problems, then you had proof you were able to.  Teachers in my day did not leave time for fun in the afternoon or evenings. 

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I can so relate to Amy’s answer.

I do my bills on the end of my bed, spread out and dived into piles of immediate, do later or junk mail.

Anything important can be done on my desk in my living room or at my bay window that has a comfy chair and a large area for sorting tax/ retirement/ social security income. I have a large comfy chair across from my desk.

Any place you feel comfortable and free of distractions seems right to me.

While in college my profs were ruthless and assigned 5 large chapters to read before the next class. Since I didn’t have a photographic memory, I often had to take notes, high light important facts, dates and definitions in my notes.

High school left little time for fun either. I never understood high some class mates had time for multiple sports, cheer leading etc. I just figured they were way smarter than I was.

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Five long chapters is too many and note taking must have been a must. Maybe that prof was in a rush no doubt, pressured by the department  to finish the course by such and such a date. 

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Briefcase it or not, a lot of my MSW homework and take-home exams were completed at the bar in front of beer.

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