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I'm writing a memoir about my battle with schizophrenia. I have only a small excerpt of 11,000 words. I'm in a desperate need of a beta reader. I was thinking of contacting my Grade 8 school teacher. She's retired. I haven't talked to her in 40 years. Just thinking of asking her feels strange. How should I ask her? We're friends on Facebook and I always wish her a happy birthday. 

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You're facebook friends so just message her something like, "I hope this isn't too out of left field but I'm hoping you'd be willing and able to be a beta reader for me on a piece I've written about some of my life experiences.  It's about 11,000 words." and see what she says.  Otherwise here's a link to a site with advice on how to find beta readers -

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outstanding answer!

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I've not heard of this but it's great that Grinandbearit can help you. I'll have to look that up. 

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