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When you close your eyes during the day, what do you hear?   Do the same at night, what do you hear?  At my home I hear birds because the back yard is a bird's paradise. Night and day!  Of course during the day outside in the car I hear much more besides cars honking, people talking, etc. depending on where I am. 

   Odd question, I know. Just to see how our own environments are different.  

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6 Answers

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I live on the corner of one of the busiest intersections of a major city, so there always some traffic noise. It’s become like white noise to me now - I barely hear it. Other than that, not much. My complex is pretty quiet and my cats don’t make noise at night  - at least not that I’m aware of. It’s possible they throw loud, raucous cat-parties and I sleep right through them…

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That noise you hear now as white noise was what I was used to in NYC. I lived next to a bridge and the trains passed constantly, I was so used to it. When I moved to NJ it was like living in the country. I was bored to bits at first. 

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During the day I hear the copier, the phone ringing, people moving in the hall outside and above my office, the dogs when they are in, doors opening and closing in our building, the elevator, conversations from other offices, the coffee pot, the ac, and an insistent beeping from the storage room next door. 

At night, I hear the ac, the ice maker in the fridge, my cats, vehicles on the road, frogs in the yard, gunshots from hunters,the TV, and my son.

Overlaid over all of that is near constant ringing in my ears. 

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Pretty busy during the day, huh? Typical office noise. Is this an office building or do you work at home? 

    Those gunshots would alarm me!  I also get that ringing in the ears at times.Tinnitus?


Very busy during the day. I work in an office building most of the time with occasional work from home or out of the back of my car days which bring their own host of noises. Yes I have tinnitus, Menieres disease runs in my family and while I haven't been diagnosed yet, I have a number of the symptoms including tinnitus, dizzy spells and times where my hearing will randomly cut out. 


My nephew was diagnosed with Meniere's when he was in college. He has really bad dizzy spells so bad he had to lie flat on the floor. He used to say that he felt as if he was being thrown off a roller coaster. After he had some surgery (close to the ear, I forget where) he got much better. 

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Two doors down they are breeding dogs for sale. Barking all day and through the night. Doesn't bother me much but other neighbors are not happy.

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Barking dogs dont bother me either, because I've got one myself. But he doesn't bark all day--only  at certain times. 

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I hear the blue's and two's of all the emergency vehicles as I sit just off a main road. So I'm often touching my collar and touching my knee.

At around 10:30 am I hear the faint sound of children's voices who are out at play time in school and I hear that again at lunch. That is my favourite sound, it's a primary school so aged 4/ 5 up to 11/12. Such innocence and potential.

This is if I have my windows open otherwise its just the emergency services I hear.

I have tinnitus too and mine sounds like a gas fire burning. My husband and I used to have a radio on all night to help but I haven't kept that up.

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Touching your collar and knee--is that superstition to guard against harm? 

That must be nice to hear the kids at playtime. :) Brings back memories.  I lose my hearing for a few seconds with my tinnitus too. They used to have a saying that said people were talking about you when the ears had ringing. 


Yes touch my collar touch my knee thank the lord it wasn't me.or as I would say wisny me. 


Do you also say "fought" for thought? And also, something else like "Dinaah"?  I forgot the second word, but I think it meant "don't know".


Yes fought, and I think you mean dinney. As is I didn't or dinney dea(do) that. 


Yes, that’s right, dinney.  I used to belong to a Compuserve room where people would talk to one another, and there was a Scottish man there who talked and spelt things such as those words. That was fun, long ago. 

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I hear traffic lol. Unfortunately they just built a new access road behind my home and its constant cars and trucks driving by. I am stressed bc of the noise now and looking to move. I hate it because I love my home. 

When it was quiet I loved hearing the birds and occasional breeze! 

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I don’t blame you fir not liking the noise and wanting to move. 

I too love the sound of the birds. It is a paradise outside because there are tall vines they hide in out back.  I love watching them take baths in the water fountain I put outside. 

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I hear the creek in back during the day, but more so at night. We had a lot of rain this year so the creek is running very strong, it's such a beautiful sound. I, also, hear owls at night. It's often breezy so I hear the breeze and leaves rustling a lot, especially this time of the year. The air is changing, autumn is in the air and the wind has a different sound. I hear an occasional vehicle going by. During the day I hear many birds. I, also, hear my horses running, making happy sound while getting their daily exercise, and, of course, my dogs barking. They never know what side of the door they want to be on, lol. (The noises are not always the same. Like you, it depends on where I am).

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Sounds peaceful! 


Yes! It's very peaceful at night. During the day it can get pretty crazy at times. Quite the contrast, night vs day. I have plenty of places that I frequent, all that deliver many different sounds. The ones that I mentioned are some of my favorite sounds. If I were to get detailed there would be many more, lol! Life is good!

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