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Is there a cartoon you remember as a kid that you liked a lot? The older ones were a riot.  I remember a very old one--you even saw the lines of the old film on the screen, and there was no special character or anything--it was just about 2 children--a boy and a girl--who were very poor and would watch people eating food through the restaurant or ice cream parlor windows--and lick their lips wishing they were having some. Then something happened to them where they ended up eating as well--not sure what! I think they dreamt it because to did show them both going to bed and dreaming.  A very old memory!  Popeye the Sailor man was another favorite. Nowadays when my daughters were younger there was Arnold, and Courage the Cowardly Dog--that one was my favorite. 


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I always loved Looney Tunes - and they are STILL funny! Those incredibly “un-PC” old Bugs Bunny cartoons from the 1940s are masterpieces! I don’t care how “violent” they were - they were hysterical. You just can’t beat Bugs, Road Runner, Sylvester & Tweetie, Foghorn Leghorn, Daffy Duck… every last one was brilliant.

I also liked Rocky & Bullwinkle and those cartoons are even funnier when you watch them as an adult. As a kid, I totally missed a lot of the jokes - they went right over my head. 

And of course all the animated Disney movies, which I still love to this day. I enjoy some more than others but I like them all. From “Snow White” to “Moana,” they’re all great. 

Nice question, Amy! 
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Looney Tunes were the bomb,  lol!  I did love those as a kid too. Sylvester, Tweetie Bird, were fun to watch but I think Bugs was my favorite. Did I hear him right, when he once commented on another character and said, “ What a maroon!” (Instead of moron). That Yosemite Sam was funny too. Glad you liked it! 


Well, Amy, by my avatar you have to know I love Yosemite SAM slipperiness, lol. Bugs & Sam were great together, my favorite, very funny and excellent animation!


Sam, I think he was the funniest. That voice! Remember the one about the shark in the water, every time he needed a match from the ship to cook Bugs? 

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My two favorites


Foghorn Leghorn

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The little hound dog's voice  sounds very familiar. Like a character from Peter Pan --the older man who was the pirate's friend. 


“Coldernell” Alaska!! Lmao, that’s hilarious! 

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Tom and Jerry, lol. I love a good chase!

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I liked those two too!

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