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The Road to the Breeders` Cup
Sands Point S.
Belmont Park / Sat. Oct. 16,2021

1 1/8 Miles / Fillies  / 3 Year Olds / G2 Stakes / Purse: $200,000
Surface: Turf / Race 6 / Post:3:15 PM Est. / TV: TVG

PP / Horse / Jockey / Wgt /  Trainer / ML Odds
1.Third Draft J. Castellano 118 Lbs C. McGaughey III  30-1
2.Jordan's Leo L. Saez 118 Lbs T. Pletcher  6-1 
3.Harajuku (IRE) J. Alvarado 120 Lbs H. Motion  3-1 
4.Runaway Rumour J. Lezcano 118 Lbs J. Abreu  8-1 
5.Higher Truth (IRE) I. Ortiz, Jr. 118 Lbs C. Brown  2-1
6.Plum Ali M. Franco 118 Lbs C. Clement  8-1 
7.Fluffy Socks J. Rosario 118 Lbs C. Brown  7/2 
8.Our Flash Drive D. Davis 120 Lbs M. Casse  12-1     

Ultimate PP`s / Saturday / Jordan`s Leo / Race 6

*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box
If none of the above apply the Point System will be used

***The Point System***
Points will be Applied to your Top 3 Selections
Points start by number of Horses in the field
Example: A 10 Horse Field
The winning Horse gets 10 Points
The place Horse gets 9 Points
The show Horse gets 8 Points
And so on down 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
The highest number of accumulated points receives Best Answer.


***Best Answer Scores**
ponygirl scores Cold Exacta - Runner Up
JSC ~ aka ~ Joe Nails the winner - Honorable Mention
The Point System is Applied to Others
Blue Jay:) - 15
Sam - 13
Parents - 13

Scratch: Jordon`s Leo

***Video Replay***
Kumin`s Homebred Fluffy Socks Takes Sands Point

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6 Answers

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Best answer

WIN 7 Fluffy Socks

Place 2 Jordan's Leo

Show 4 Runaway Rumour


5 Higher Truth

8 Our Flash Drive

3 Harajuku

(I almost forgot to post my picks, lol)!

ago by (123,910 points)

Congratulations to
Our Sands Point Stakes Handicapping Champion!
and to ponygirl as Runner Up
And Joe with Honorable Mention

Thanks to All that Participated!


Actually it was a COLD SUPER SandyGirl!


What an amazing THRILL it is to actually watch my first (4) picks cross the finish line in the correct sequence cold like that! They don't call it a SUPERFECTA for nothing! LOL!

OH WHAT A FEELING!!!!!!!!!!!!   

: )


CONGRATS ponygirl as Runner Up! WTG Joe with Honorable Mention!

Here's to FLUFFY SOCKS and all his connections!  3 picked Fluffy Socks to WIN; SandyGirl, ponygirl, and Joe! Very nice!

Thank you Blue Jay, Dr CEO! : ) Superb job! 


WOWWEEE! Super is right! Super Duper Congratulations SandyGirl! How did you do that? Lol.


Congrats ponygirl as RU, and JSC with HM. WTG all Fluffy Socks fans.


Congrats SandyGirl with BA and Joe with HM! Thanks for congrats on RU, Blue Jay, SandyGirl and Sam!!


Oh what a beautiful morning;

Oh what a beautiful day;

I have a wonderful feeling;

The horses are running my way.


Any Chromies here? California Angel won the Jessamine and will be going to the BC!! This filly is impressive!!


I bet you knocked your Fluffy Socks off with that Superfecta score SandyGirl. Awesome handicapping, Congrats!

Wtg ponygirl as RU & Joe myself HM, lol.

TY for hosting Blue Jay!


Thanks Joe! 


Yes, I saw that race ponygirl, she going to be a great Angel!


You're welcome and thank you, ponygirl.


So glad you saw her Joe!! 


You are welcome, Joe!


Blue Jay, I have a wind up musical jewelry box that plays Oh What a Beautiful Morning when you open the box. There's a ballerina that pops up, she pirouettes to the song. I received that musical box when I was a child from my parents, I still have it to this day. Thank you Blue Jay :), I love your version, lol.


California Angel race was very impressive in the Jessamine. I loved her graceful closing style. Which happens to be my favorite style of racing. Zenyatta will forever be my favorite girl.


Thx SandyGirl! Maybe i should have been a


It's never too late Blue Jay, lol!

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The Blue Jay Factor
Win ( 4 ) Runaway Rumour     
Plc ( 5 ) Higher Truth
Shw ( 8  ) Our Flash Drive  
( 3 ) Harajuku  
( 6 ) Plum Ali
( 7 ) Fluffy Socks

"May the Horse be with You"

ago by (96,460 points)
+4 votes

W  7 Fluffy Socks

P  4 Runaway Rumour

S  8 Our Flash Drive

Alt  5 Higher Truth

ago by (20,540 points)
+3 votes

7/ Fluffy Socks

5/ Higher Truth

6/ Plum Ali


2 Jordan's Leo

4/ Runaway Rumour

8/ Our Flash Drive

ago by (58,290 points)
+2 votes

5. Higher Truth 

3. Harajuku

7. Fluffy Socks


4. Runaway Rumor

6. Plum Ali

8. Our Flash Drive

ago by (46,480 points)
+2 votes


WIN 2 Jordan's Leo 

3 Harajuku

7 Fluffy Socks


5 Higher Truth

6 Plum Ali

4 Runaway Rumour

ago by (123,910 points)
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