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What can I do if someone is angry at me?

Ok lets see

My bf always have a problem with me when I talk to other boys. Yesterday at school I was just talking to this new guy in my Spanish class "asking about his name, age, and so forth, then he hug me before class was over.  After class my bf pull me on the side on the hall way and he look so angry at me. I ask him if his ok? " He replied ok? do I look ok to you?" I didnt replied at all I just ignore his qt. Then he said why did he hug u for? I was like who? He said that new guy in class, I replied oh him idk why. He said does he like you?  I look at him like his asking a stupid qt. I said wtf why would u asked that? He said cause he f**K hug u for no reason there most be a reason why, either he like you or he just wanna be closer to u. Any how still now he is still mad at me, I text him but he didn't replied at all actually he did but he just replied "hey babe" thts it then he offline. I'm starting to think his jealous if I talk to guys or hug them. I just dont know what to do tho. My qt is why is he jealous? 

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3 Answers

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You should ask your boyfriend if he is jealous, and if so (which it seems like he is), why. Lots of relationship problems are typically solved by having more direct communication with your partner. It sounds like he is upset because he might not trust your behavior around other guys, or he just simply feels threatened by how other guys may be attracted to you. It may have nothing to do with how you act. Talking to your boyfriend about jealousy and boundaries around what kind of behavior is okay with other people who are not your partner is important for the relationship, because otherwise you both have your own assumptions and expectations about what is okay or not okay, but those may be very different for you than for him. How would you feel if you saw a pretty girl hugging your boyfriend and then when you asked your boyfriend about it he didn't give any answer? Would that make you feel a little suspicious? Or would that not bother you at all?

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   It’s very simple. He is jealous because he feels this other student is jeopardizing the relationship he has with you. At least he is honest and tells you. Some men will hide their jealousy. So have a talk with him and tell him this man means nothing to you, and if trust issues are a problem with him, better sort it out with him or leave him if things become too much for you to handle. 

    Good luck. 

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Good relationships are built on TRUST.  If YOU trust your boyfriend---that you believe he is in love with you and that he is faithful to you and he is honest with you... and if HE trusts YOU to be in love with him and faithful to him and honest with him....   Then neither of you will be jealous if the other one talks to others, laughs with others, or gives or gets a "social hug" from time to time.

However, this is REALLY  a tough one.  Not many couples have the kind of great communication that would make that kind of trust standard in their relationships.

It has always seemed to me that the more insecure someone is, the more jealous he or she tends to get.  

I would guess that your boyfriend is insecure: he either has low self-esteem or he believes you are not trustworthy.  Neither one says much about his maturity or the chance for a happy ending to your relationship.

Communication is the key.  Always keep the lines of communication open, and don't be afraid to talk about the tough subjects with each other.

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