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I came home from uni last week as I had a rest week, I have been helping with the family business (farming), I was showing my bellend cousin who I was in my dads words "showing the ropes" so context, my cousin has been thrown out of college, is in trouble currently for shoplifting, refusing to work, being a general dead beat. Anyways my aunt and father go back home leave us there (only 5 min from home) to do the job, about half hour in as im doing all the work, I tell her to actually do something, and anyway as I went back to doing what I was doing she sat on my back, tied my hands behind me, my feet together, she then stood me up against the tree, tied rope around my shoulders. I was stuck there, she then pissed off essentially going off with her mates thinking shes been clever. Before leaving she put a piece of tape on my mouth and did one. I was stuck there for nearly 2 hours before my aunt came with my gran tp supposedly pick us up. Only I was stuck literally) to a tree and she had seemingly vanished, turns out she as in "town", took them about 5 minutes to untie me, and they seemed to find it at least half amusing, my father and mum laughed there heads off. But im actually legit fuming, cant actually wait go back

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If it wasn't for bad luck you'd have no luck at all with your family. Didn't your sister hog tie you and leave you on the carpet? 

And that was cause SHE kissed YOUR  boyfriend.


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You don't like being tied up then.

Life is what you make it.

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Now that sucks.

I doubt that even you deserved this level of humiliation.  But you have to toughen up.  And pay attention.  You just told her to get to work and didn't notice her circleing around behind you with a rope.  Then she gets on your back and you fold like a cheap ironing board.

Of course your parents know you very well and maybe enjoyed it a bit too much in front of you.  I would have saved the laughter until you were safely away back at school with a beer and friends.

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Sappy story. 

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BUT... there is NO custard involved.

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Your story don`t hold water. It is impossible to tie someones hands behind their back unless they wanted to be tied or they were forced. (Gun , knife etc ) It takes two hands to hold your hands together and two more to tie them. The same with your feet. How did she carry you out and stand you up against a tree without you cooperation ?

To many holes in your story.

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I totally agree with you!!

At least take more than two people to tie her up. 

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I think the last day you're home you need to "accidentally" elbow her hard to the face.

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