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on last night’s flight, all was quiet on the plane and I had just finished watching A Quiet Place II on the screen set there. I was beginning to watch Aretha Franklin in concert, when suddenly a woman in front of us began yelling for help and crying “Mami! Mami!” 

 At first I thought someone was being attacked or worse, a hijacking. Then I realized it was the woman in front crying for help for her mother, who looked very pale and had her eyes closed, not responsive. Everyone turned around and got up to see what was happening, the flight attendants were no where in sight, and the young woman  kept screaming and crying that her mother was dying. I went to look for a flight attendant for help with others, and it was just a big commotion. 

   It turned out the woman had taken medication for high blood pressure and had not eaten all day. So I’m guessing that caused her to faint.  During the rest of the flight (3.5 hours) the woman was given oxygen by 2 nurses who thankfully were on the flight (an oxygen tank equippped with a tube and a mask over her mouth), and taken care of by the rest of people around her. Everyone was fanning her (with the cards that are in the in seat pockets) She was ok, still had her eyes closed, but she had been given seltzer or quanine that had some salt and an aspirin. The flight attendants, at least the one that was called, had no idea how to use the oxygen mask and somehow seemed ill prepared to handle medical emergencies. But thankfully all turned out ok for the woman. They were later met by medical staff at Newark Airport (NJ) and there were even policemen waiting. Meantime the people with connecting flights were let off the plane first (myself included) and the rest so that they could treat her. 

   Never happened on a flight I’ve taken. Nerve wracking! 

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Yeah its not great having a screaming woman when you're up in the clouds. At least it turned out okay.

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Really,yes. I could understand perfectly why she was upset, frightening experience. 

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How upsetting for the passengers  and terrifying for the lady’s daughter. I’m shocked she got no help from the fight crew! You may want to go on the airline’s website and provide them with some feedback! Sounds like their staff needs better training. 

I’m glad it all turned out OK and you’re home safely. 

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That was a great idea about feedback on the flight crew. The one flight attendant who had the oxygen tank was scolding passengers while holding the tank and not getting to the woman right away. I heard people saying, Give her the oxygen already!” The daughter was hysterical. It was a mess.

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