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As you know Blue Jay, many major movies have been filmed in my area of Western New York/Buffalo, NY area where I live over the years. With even a few major ones this year, 2021. I had the pleasure of meeting many as there's a reason for that, however, I'll be leaving some out due running the most memorable off the top of my head. I met Keanu Reeves and Bradley Cooper at different times when they were scouting, and then Keanu Reeves again at a later time when filming here. Singer Rick James. Steve Martin too who was an absolute hoot to meet.  Robert Redford, very handsome then when filming The Natural ..Glen Close and Robert Duvall were also in that movie but I didn't personally meet them. My grandparents played extras in the movie Best Friends with Burt Reynolds and Goldie Hawn, they were in the one of the train station scenes (Central Terminal) nothing major. I was young then but remember being there with my my parents during that shoot with my grandparents. Also, I had the pleasure of meeting and actually roller skating with Leo Gallagher, the comedian when vacationing in Florida many years ago. I use to figure, disco skate, and speed skate. I started as a child when I was 5 years old and continued. I preferred to roller skating over ice skating but can do both well. Many here know I'm an athlete through and through. There was an age difference between Gallagher and I, but I was in my twenties so old enough, and old enough to enjoy and remember it. Gallagher is extremely funny, and entertaining and since I worked as clown we connected and had fun with it. I remember it very well! In fact, I still enjoy roller skating when I can along the Buffalo/Tonawanda Canalside and waterfront that connect when the weather is permitting. The casting calls for these movies are a lot a fun to attend. There's a lot of security changes over the years though. I also met Jessica Alba on a plane about 4 years ago. She is lovely. I've been to many concerts, but I can't say I actually met any of them personally or came close enough to be star struck like the ones above. Except for Rick James, as mentioned, but I met him at Buffalo Bills game. There's many Buffalo-Native actors too that still have family here so they visit, I'm told they are often incognito, lol. Great question Blue Jay.

Edit to add: I came close to meeting Jim Carrey too, but I never got to speak with him. I was very disappointed about that.

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By famous I guess you mean a politician or actor/actress/singer/celebrity.

When I lived in NYC, we had a visit from a woman who was running for mayor at the time in the early 70's. Her name was Bella Abzug. Now, she was the politician, and alongside her was someone supporting her, no other than Barbara Streisand. So I got to see her on top of a truck (open van?) and everyone was calling on her to sing a song, lol. She had the most flawless skin I had ever seen on a person, like porcelain. A great singer and actress, my brother was in love with her. He had bought an album for her to sign, but she shook her head no. :D  She later asked for a "piragua" which is shaved ice with fruit syrup on it, and someone got her a grape one. 

Later on I also met Tony Hernandez, a former sports reporter from Channel 7 News. He was a hunk! I saw him on a movie theater line I was on and couldn't take my eyes off him. He and his date later came on in after all had been seated, in the dark. 

Dark Shadow fans, on a school trip to Central Park and the zoo there, I happen to see Denise Nicolson, who played Amy on the show. I was a huge fan of that show and came running home to watch it every day after school. 

    Let me add here a small note: I also met the actress Lucy Lui, outside a movie set where they were filming a movie called Lucky Number 7. That movie set was there for a few days, and all that was filmed was a scene inside the video store. She came out as they were done with a scene, and passed in front of me and my daughters. There were tents set up so that the actors had food available. It seemed like the whole town was there, excited that a movie was being filmed right on the main street of where I lived. 

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OMG, I was a mega-fan of Dark Shadows too! My sister and I would literally run home from school every day to watch it. Good times lol! 


It was fun! Great show. 

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Val Kilmer

When I was 12, my family went on a trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, and we booked a group tour. The tour starts in this big elevator that takes you down into the cave, and when the group got inside the elevator, it was pretty obvious we all recognized Kilmer and his family were on the tour with us, but nobody said anything (there's about 7 in my family, and maybe 5 other people on the tour as well). The tour guide gets into the elevator and starts to take us down and starts her intro of the tour, giving an overview of the caves, when they were found, then it was designated as a park, etc. When we get to the bottom, the guide says, "okay before I let you all out, there's just one more thing I have to say." Then she turns to Kilmer and says "are you Val Kilmer?" He replies "yes" and she goes "no way, you're really Val Kilmer??" And now she's made it awkward. Everyone else in the elevator is just standing there, not knowing what to do. Kilmer says "yes, I am," to which she says "I can't believe it....I can't believe you're Val Kilmer!" And he says "can we continue with the tour? I'm just trying to enjoy some time with my family" and after she stares at him for another few seconds, she snaps out of it and then continues the tour.

When we got out of the elevator my dad said to me, my siblings and my cousins "let's not say anything to him, just leave him alone and let him and his family enjoy his trip". So on the tour we didn't talk to him or pay him much attention. At the end when we all got into the gift shop, my uncle then approached Kilmer, who was very nice, they exchanged a couple of words, and then my uncle pointed at all of us kids a few feet away looking at them, and Val Kilmer smiled, waved, and said hi to us all and how fun it was to be on the tour with us all.

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I think your Dad had the best idea. It must be tough to try and be "normal" in public for these folks.

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P. Diddy.

It was a record signing for his release "The Saga Continues" in early 2000s. I met his entourage and even got numbers. Due to where I was at the time, I never followed up beyond one phone call for them to hear me rap over the phone. Maybe life would've been different but truthfully, that wasn't my calling. 

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A girl in my class, her half sister was Queen Latifah. She showed me a picture of her family plus Dana (Qn. Latifah) together at in home in Newark, NJ.  I was in awe. 


I hear from many people that Queen Latifah is a very mellow and chill person.


From the picture I saw, she seems just like that. Very humble and down to earth. 

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Oprah Winfrey. 

Mid 80's before she hit it big.

She was signing autographs at the ohio state fair.

George Wendt.  Early 90's .   Celina ohio lake festival. 

This one I technically didn't meet but did walk by him:

May 2001 lima Ohio mall.  

They used to have an event called family fun fair.

Usually brought in has been singers or newbies. 

Blake Shelton was leaning against a wall talking to some young kids.       

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I have never personally met anyone famous. 

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In the mid-90s I went to a black-tie charity event at Paramount Studios - it was by invitation only at $500 a plate. There were TONS of celebrities there and everyone mingled. I met Bill Maher, Bea Arthur, Alec Baldwin & his then-wife Kim Basinger, Peter Falk, Mickey Rooney, and more I can’t recall at the moment. Needless to say, it was a blast. 

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The Mythbuster's !  Adam, Kari, and Jamie, not just one but all three of them !  And it happened back while they were still on their show (or maybe the Summer after it ended).

I was volunteering at a fund-raising event (that I'd been volunteering at a few times each year for years).

It was an outdoor (in a big tent) event (on a sports/soccer field), and the Mythbuster's were the Guests-of-Honor, they were doing a "Sciency Presentation" (I'm quoting Jamie from his talk-intro. that day ) and I was responsible for directing people.

So ... I went outside to wait for "our guests" (nobody had told me who our guests were yet). But pretty soon I look and see them about a hundred feet away, walking towards me ... (I couldn't help but know right-away who they were).

Sooo ... they get closer ... I wave and motion them towards me.  They come over ... we (just the four of us in a little circle) introduce ourselves, shake hands... we chat for a minute ...) and I then escort them into the tent, direct them to their seats and introduce them to the others (from our organization).

The coolest thing was, I was a HUGE fan of their show, I must have watched every single episode they'd been on up until then and I swear they were EXACTLY how (both personality-wise and physically) they seemed to be on-camera.

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Because of the work that I've done in my life, I've been juxtaposed with a number of "famous" people.  I have taken my high school kids on field trips to TV stations, journalism conferences, and even to NYC for  "Broadway Getaway weekends."  I was on the air (radio) in the Chicago area for a few years and have been a speaker/attendee at lots of national conferences for teachers and entertainers (DJs, etc.).  I've also worked as an actor (with speaking roles and as an extra), so I've had the opportunity to meet and talk with a lot of celebrities.  Off the top of my head, here are some of them:

Joe Biden (when he was a Senator from Delaware); Jake Gyllenhaal; Anne Hathaway (Love and Other Drugs); Russell Crowe, Lennie James (The Next Three Days); Jim Henson (sat next to us one evening at Sardi's in NYC); Rick Nelson (well, an invitation to join him and his entourage after a gig he played in the Chicago area after I had plugged his appearance while on the air--I decided not to go despite the offer of "whatever you want: girls, drugs, fun, and just a great party"); Lisa Ling (Journalism conference in D.C.); B.J. Wagner (author/publisher: I was trained by her to implement her curriculum proposals and we became good friends); local TV and News personalities in the Pittsburgh area; Cab Calloway (sat in front of me at a Broadway musical and I spoke quietly with him at intermission so as not to draw attention to his presence); Steve Martin, David Brenner, Robert Klein (Chicago area field trips with my students to local TV interview shows); Lynn Swann (former Pittsburgh Steeler, MVP of Super Bowl X--I waited on him at a men's clothing store where I worked part time); a number of Pittsburgh Pirates (I photographed a number of them during games and shared the photos with them in person--they were all very nice and personable); Pirates and Steelers announcers (at the stadium, at events where I was the DJ, at team-sponsored events, etc.); Frankie Valli (backstage after a performance of Grease--the road producer of the show was a former student of mine); Mike Love and the Beach Boys (at the hotel breakfast area after their outdoor concert the night before); and some others whom I am forgetting...

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A teacher friend of mine once sat across from Russell Crowe at NJ's Stone Pony  (famous club down the shore) one night. She is a great fan and nearly died from the sight. 

   Sardi's--great restaurant I used to go to with a special friend. Food is excellent. 


My answer proves to me that the list is more up to chance than it is anything else.  I met all these people, but it's not like I'm in any way on any of THEIR lists ("Wow! This guy was an extra in a movie I was in!")  Yeah... right... LOL



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I personally never met any famous folks at all. 

But I'm related to Dwayne Johnson his my great grandmother cousin sons

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WOW, so u r famous 


No way!!!

Thts so cool

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Lol. I am just a nobody who knows no one famous.  I did meet some CEOs of some technical companies, but no one anyone else has heard of.  None of them were very nice or interesting.  Pretty self absorbed and convinced that they were the smartest person on the planet.

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