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Ok, So, couple weeks ago I broke up with my bf becoz his stupid . Any how during lunch last week I caught him with another girl. I asked him who was she he replied I dnt. So, I went and asked the girl she said He asked me date him. I was like well I didnt expect this at all. But I'm so happy tht I broke up with him cause we argue a lot even non-sense things make it like its a big deal. any ways I'm signle I am so happy with my life now. I will live my life  according to Gods will.  And now he wants to get back together I was like " Hell no way!!. And his trying to text me but I just ignore him. I will now focus on my future and my school. Did I make the right choice by breaking up with him? 

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7 Answers

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Yes u did the right thing baby girl. Hw old r u?

by (560 points)

Y u asked her age for? tht was not her qt dude

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Sounds like you know the answer to your question, it doesn't sound like you want to get back together with him, though it's understandable that it would sting hearing he's already talking to and asking out another girl. It takes time to emotionally detach from another person, even when you logically know that the relationship you had is not healthy for you. I've heard that guys tend to get over breakups differently than girls do...that they tend to process their emotions a bit more slowly, and often jump back out to find someone else right away to distract themselves from the difficult feelings. Of course that's very overgeneralized, and not all men are the same (just like not all women are the same), but it is a possible explanation for why he's behaving as he is. Of course he's not over the relationship with you, just like you're not either. You're both just reacting to the breakup very differently.

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I think she over him, but his not over her. His crazy I think lol


Senorita, un aviso. Se escribe "he's"  o " he is" para decir  "el es". "His"  significa algo que le pertenece a el. Ejemplo:  “His girlfriend, his books.”   Solamente la estoy tratando de ayudar con sus palasbras en ingles.

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Yes, I think you did the right thing if he was always arguing with you. That doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. You sound a little unsure of yourself if you're asking us if you did the right thing--but only you can tell because we don't know you both well enough. If you feel it in your heart and mind that he's not good for you--then there is your answer. If he is already dating others it's because he is trying to forget about you. Find someone else right for you. Good luck. 

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thanks for the advice. 

Have a wonderful thanksgiving with ur family. God blessed


Thank you! I wish the same for you. 

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You did the right thing. Don't ever second guess yourself when it comes to your inner peace. 

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OK Lol. Thx.

Have a blessed thxgiving

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Yes.  You did the right thing.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Na e faia le mea sa'o.

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thx. BTW no need to use google translate lol

Have a wonderful thanksgiving with ur love ones


If I write it incorrectly, please let me know how to do it correctly.  I'm here to learn. :-)


Yeah u did write incorrectly so dont use google anymore


What language is that which you tried to write? It looks a little like it might be Portuguese, but that's a guess. 


As I said, I'd like to learn, so please let me know how to do it correctly if it's not too much trouble.  

(Amy... Samoan)


ok. XD


Media, that's a first me. Never saw that language printed. 

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Yes dear!! U did the right thing. His a jerk. I hope u live a happy life

by (940 points)
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Only you will know if you made the right choice.  It is now water under the bridge and time to move on to new ventures.

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ok XD

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