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It's a numbers game.

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Where are the answers sir

Most likely, they are in your textbook or in your classroom notes.  Sounds like a cartography/mapping question to me.  I did well with this in the Army.  I hope you do well with this in your classroom.
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I'm assuming you've done all the work and just want us to confirm.

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You know Google can be really helpful.  I found this site in a flash using it and your post heading...

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Qualitative methods hmmmmmm......

Read your Textbooks, then look to opinion surveys, maybe even using quant methods on anecdotal interviews.

Feeling kindly I am throwing you this bone.  Oh yeah I have spent my years in Market Research and written my PHD in Consumer Behavior. May have been published a few times as well.

Remember emogis are not a paper.  Topline statements and relevant footnotes will make or break you..  Journal od Market Research is a good place to start, may take a pass through Psychology  today.

Alas apinful however you just may learn something from actually doing work

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