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What is the color of the space (room) that you do most of your 'creative' work in ?   (your office at work or home, kitchen, hobby room, or ?).  

And have you ever noticed a difference in your creativity based on the color of the space/room you were in ?

I'm asking because, they (the experts, and the many studies on the subject) have found that certain tones of blue and green are the best for fostering creativity.  

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9 Answers

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I work on the dining table, being I dont want to ruin the guest room with paint. I do have. garage that I've been meaning to create a small studio in and get a desk or table for it. But the dining area is white. I do have some blue on the island walls and over a fireplace. But I want to change those blues to a sage green color which I like. So that would work if I continue to work here. 
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Ooh I like sage green.


Yes, lovely color! 


Yes, yes, yes I second (well ... third) that for sage green !  

In fact that's the room color that inspired this question...

I recently changed rooms in my house that I use for my office, and was considering converting that former office into an art-room/studio but wondered if the mid-shade sage-green in there was the best color for artwork/painting (air-brushing actually).

And yay ! it turns out it actually is one of THE best colors there is for just that (so it turns out I painted it the right color years ago after all).  


I like sage green too, in fact, my master bath is that color.


Sage green is the color of one of my baths. Very relaxing!

I personally prefer to work “creatively” in a more vibrant color scheme, where I am less likely to fall asleep or become too lethargic.


Imaginary friend, sage green is definitely what I will go for in the living room wall around the fireplace and the kitchen island walls. It does seem like a very calming color. 

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Currently the rooms in my apartment are white (the kitchen, my closet-office) or a pleasing light gray (living room, bedroom). Not my choice but I'm happy enough with it. I'm in a short term rental at the moment, so not much incentive for me to paint or decorate too much. When I was a kid I had a "spring green" paint in my bedroom which I really liked, but not sure if it affected my creativity per se. I think I've more noticed colors that are too loud/busy/affect my attempts to concentrate or relax (reds primarily, or anything too deep or dark) rather than what I've liked.

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My kitchen is green, I create a mess in there anytime I cook.

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See how creative you can be with green? :D

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My outside offices, and my home library office, all have a medium dark teal painted accent walls with nice fireplaces. My library office has the same but with all oak detail, such as wood beans, wainscotting, and built in oak shelving, etc.. I call it the "Oak Room."  I prefer my home library office, I really do my best work in there. It actually has the biggest accent wall too. So, maybe the experts are on to something!

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Yup I think they might just know what they're talkin about !

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My office is off white aqs is the rest of our house.   We do have great views of green space however.

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I wallpapered my office when I walled a part of the lower family room.  The wallpaper has a collection of old iconic drawings, ads, etc., from old magazines.  It creates a "throw-back" feel to the space, and that's fine with me as I work on our finances and where I do my writing.  

My other room for working and writing is our downstairs den are which we call "The War Room."  It is a large room with a gas fireplace, an HDTV, a small fridge, and a coffee table with a lift-up top that I used as a "desk" for grading research papers and tests, writing lesson plans, etc.  One day, Mrs Media asked my oldest son, "Where's your dad?"  He replied, "I think he's down in the War Room doing his work."  That's how the room got its name, and the name stuck.  The War Room remains a place where I will watch TV while writing letters with my laptop, etc.  

It has cream-colored paint on the walls, which is fine for me because it doesn't distract me from the work I do.

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The walls are all cream. I spend most of my time in the living room which half the time is in darkness as I don't have the light on.

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I'm a musician, it may sound crazy but my creative color is purple. My music room, has one feature wall that is painted purple with unique scone lighting for a theatric effect. 

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What do you play, Sam? My girls are musical people also. They play guitar, bass and ukulele. 


I play the piano, Amy. I have a YC88 Yamaha Keyboard too that I enjoy messing around with an playing, a whole different sound and effects. I, like my father, play the accordion too, where it all began. I have a son who plays violin and related instruments including various guitars. My other son plays the guitar too, he switched from playing the drums, but he can play the drums too but prefers his guitars. My daughter plays the banjo, and 12 string guitar and has one hell of a voice like my wife, both who enjoys singing when I play.


You have a musically talented family. I love that! 


Yes, we love to jam, it's a good time when we all get together. We'll all be together for Christmas, daughter is coming this way to NY too with her husband and children.


Very nice! I am hoping not see my sister from Long Island, two brothers in NJ and a sister from PA next year when things are more settled. I've just moved here and they've never been here. 

    I know you'll enjoy being with your family! 

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My creative color pallet  would be warm colors but not brights. Shades of yellow, and blended oranges.

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