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That feeling when you visit a site after being gone for a long time and only see a few names you recognize.     Hmmmm.    

Back to my spaceship!


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11 Answers

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::beam me up, MM::

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Over the last 6 years I've been on and off.

Mostly off.  

I remember you.   

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Good Morning, what brings you back to earth? Great to see you again.

by (3,170,350 points)
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Yes. One of the first criticisms I got was there are no new members posting. That's been fixed to some degree. I'm guessing a lot of the so called regs are too busy wasting time on Facebook.

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MM, which planets did you visit on the way back here? Hope all is well!

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Space/time travel will do that to you.  

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Hey MM! Nice to see you. Hope all is well on Mars!  

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Wow!  It’s nice to see you guys online still.   I was worried that the membership had changed.

I don't have much chance to visit anymore, but I wanted to check in.   God, do I miss you guys.   It’s like seeing family after a long absence.   (removes helmet and bows gracefully)


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I remember you and your cool avatar, MM. Nice of you to visit--stay awhile!!  Happy holidays to you. 

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Martians have a hard time with the diseases you humans come up with.    I’ll watch from space for a little while.   Perhaps I will start showing up more often. 


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We could definitely use some intergalactic wisdom down here. 

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