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The divorce rate

Gay people not hidden away in the closet 

Minorities having equal rights (In theory! In practice we still have a long way to go.)

Women working the same jobs men do (the unequal pay might seem logical to them) 

Unmarried/single parents who aren’t stigmatized 

The sheer number of cars on the roads

The use of technology by “regular” people 

Racially diverse families 

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Outstanding answer!

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Since my Dad is 99, I asked him this question. He then looked at me and asked how much time do I have? LOL!

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Nearly everything being done on a digital screen now: watching TV, doing work at a computer, interacting with people on social media through phones. I bet folks from 100 years ago would think we've all lost our humanity and become automatons.
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Buying bottled water.

Acceptance of gun violence as an everyday occurrence in our lives.  The National Firearms Act of 1934 was passed because the country was horrified by the Prohibition-era gangster slayings with tommy guns and other automatic weapons.  The law limited access to automatic and short-barreled rifles, established a tax that (adjusted for inflation) of about $3500 for those purchasing automatic weapons, etc.  This legislation was supported by the NRA, whose president said, "[I have] not given any though to the question about whether a federal gun control law would violate the Second Amendment."  The Supreme Court unanimously supported a legal challenge to the law (which is still in place today.)

Rejecting the availability of proven vaccinations against deadly diseases.

Using free time for "exercising."

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People would still be recovering after the First World War, the war to end all wars. I think they would be horrified to learn that it wasn't 

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Going to an airport and flying somewhere.

Eating in your car at a drive through.  Or drive through banking.

Garages.  Putting your car into a garage that is part of the house.

TV.  Watching movies on the Tv, or anything in color.


The list is huge.

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My former father in law died at 100 and 3 months, and would have been 114 years old today. He would have been horrified that a pandemic that was much like the Spanish Flu could have killed so many people. A Spaniard, he would be talking about what they had to go through, masked as well, during those times. He also would be shocked to know how a high rise building, much like the one he lived in, collapsed in Miami Beach, Florida.

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