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And  you are told that the room cleaning fee will be oh let's say $20 cash.

No pay then you get to sleep in a dirty,  trash filled room.

Has that ever happened to you?

Your reaction?  

Yes this did happen to me at a hotel in pigeon forge. 

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10 Answers

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Oh hell no. They should be charging the occupants before you who caused the mess. I've never experienced this, but it would make me want to figure out a way to report the establishment. I would also not trust them to clean thoroughly enough if this is their standard practice. 

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I havent even heard of this. I'm not sure it applies here.

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This sounds like customers paying servers a tip and then relying on it as the employer pays them a wage you can't live on.

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I've never had that happen, nor would I tolerate it. 

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Nope.  Never happened to me.  If it were just me, I would tell them to forget the cleaning and just go throw everything in the trash.  My wife would never go for that though. 

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+1 vote

That has never happened to me. I’d change hotels if possible. If not, I’ll pay the lousy fee. $20 is not worth getting E.coli over. 

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If it's Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, there must be 20-30 other hotels.  I'd spin on my heel and tell them you will find alternate lodging.

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Leave it to Tennessee!  No way.  I'd sleep in my car before I put up with that.  I'd also write up my experience on as many review sites as possible and report it to any booking service you may have used and if it was a part of any chain call corporate.  That is completely unacceptable.  

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That hotel has a shit load of bad reviews. 

Everything from bedbugs,  rude staff, dirty rooms,  stuff falling apart and yes having to pay extra for it to be cleaned.   

If any of you visit pigeon forge run away from the mountain Vista Inn.     

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No, I have never heard of that; it sounds ridiculous. Much  you’re giving the room attendant a tip before the room is used. I wouldn’t put up with it and find another place where the rooms are always clean before you arrive. 

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Good luck finding another hotel on a holiday weekend.

Especially at a popular tourist area.   

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