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Clark S.
Churchill Downs / Fri. Nov. 26,2021

1 1/8 Miles / Open  / 3 Year Olds And Up  / G1 Stakes / Purse: $750,000
Surface: Dirt / Race 11  / Post:5:56 PM Est. / TV: TVG

PP / Horse / Jockey / Trainer / ML Odds
1.Midnight Bourbon J. Rosario 118 Lbs S. Asmussen  8/5 
2.Night Ops F. Geroux 121 Lbs B. Cox  15-1 
3.Dr Post I. Ortiz, Jr. 121 Lbs T. Pletcher  5-1 
4.Happy Saver T. Gaffalione 121 Lbs T. Pletcher  8-1 
5.King Fury B. Hernandez, Jr. 118 Lbs K. McPeek  12-1 
6.Chess Chief J. Talamo 123 Lbs D. Stewart  30-1
7.Militarist R. Bejarano 121 Lbs C. Vaccarezza  50-1 
8.Maxfield J. Ortiz 123 Lbs B. Walsh  6/5 

Ultimate PP`s / Friday / Night Ops / Race 11
*** Rules***
To Qualify for Best Answer Select:
One Horse to Win
One Horse to Place
One Horse to Show
Both Name and Number of the Selection is a Must.
You can list up to 3 Alternative Selections in Case of Scratches ( Optional )

***Best Answer***
Priority # 1 - A Cold Trifecta
Priority # 2 - A Cold Exacta
Priority # 3 - A Win
Priority # 4 - A Trifecta Box
Priority # 5 - An Exacta Box
If none of the above apply the Point System will be used

***The Point System***
Points will be Applied to your Top 3 Selections
Points start by number of Horses in the field
Example: A 10 Horse Field
The winning Horse gets 10 Points
The place Horse gets 9 Points
The show Horse gets 8 Points
And so on down 7 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
The highest number of accumulated points receives Best Answer.


***Best Answer Scores**
2 ( Two ) Nail The Winner ( Maxfield)
Place and Show Points are Added:
Blue Jay:)  - Runner Up
ponygirl gets Tribox - Honorable Mention
Grinandbareit gets Tribox -Honorable Mention
Others go to the Point System:
Parents - 17
SandyGirl:) - 16

***Video Replay***
Maxfield Caps Career With Clark Score

in Sports by (339,840 points)

6 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

8. Maxfield

1.Midnight Bourbon 

4. Happy Saver


5. Night Ops

6. King Fury

7. Militarist

by (125,260 points)

Congratulations to
Our Clark Handicapping Champion !
and to Blue Jay:) as Runner Up
And ponygirl and Grinandbareit with Honorable Mention

Thanks to All that Participated!



WTG as Runner up Blue Jay. Congrats to you and SAM for picking Maxfield to WIN!

To ponygirl and Grinandbareit with HM. 

The parents and I had our hearts elsewhere, lol. Our Thanksgiving Day was a success at the City Mission and later at my home! 

Thank you for Hosting, and your dedication Blue Jay! : )


Thank You and you are welcome SandyGirl !


@ SandyGirl - What is the name of the horse that lost 4 consecutive races at 4 different tracks and broke the track record in all 4?


Maxfield went out a winner and stayed perfect at Churchill Downs.

After stalking early leader Midnight Bourbon, Maxfield and jockey Jose Ortiz took the lead with a furlong to go and beat Happy Saver by a half-length to win Friday’s $750,000, Grade 1 Clark at Churchill.

It was the final race for the 4-year-old Maxfield, who is set to stand at Godolphin’s Jonabell Farm in Lexington, Ky.

@ Blue Jay - What is "Thanksgiving." Ah! Yes! A very nice feel good racehorse story. : )

Congrats Sam with BA and Blue Jay as RU! Congrats Grinandbareit as HM with me! Maxfield is a beast!  Thanks for congrats on my HM, SandyGirl and Blue Jay! 


Thank you Blue Jay, SandyGirl, ponygirl. Congrats to you Blue Jay as RU. Congrats to ponygirl and grinandbare on their HM's.

Thanks for hosting Blue Jay, looking forward to the races today. Leaving for OTB soon to meet a couple of my horse ball buddies.


Is SandyGirl right Blue Jay? When I think of record breaking in horse racing I think of Secretariat, lol. I didn't even know there was a racehorse name Thanksgiving, lol


@ SandyGirl- Did you already know the answer or did you also read the blood horse story as i did?

Thank you for putting your answer in the form of a


She always is Sam! I have never stumped her yet.



Honestly Blue Jay I knew. Plus, what better timing for that question,  lol! In fact, wasn't it you who asked this in a Trivia Question on Yahoo! Answers?? 

I plan on clicking on the link to read about "Thanksgiving" again on Blood Horse! Thank you Blue Jay!


No SandyGirl! I had never heard of "Thanksgiving" until i saw this story in BloodHorse.


Blue Jay, Blood Horse first put  "Thanksgiving's" story out in 2017, and revised it this week for the holiday. Blood Horse even notes that at end of the story. Also, I'm familiar with  "Thanksgiving's" jockey Eddie Arcaro's history!


That was 5 years ago. I guess i missed it.


You are welcome Sam and thank you!! 

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The Blue Jay Factor
Win ( 8 ) Maxfield        
Plc ( 1 ) Midnight Bourbon   
Shw ( 3  ) Dr. Post       
( 4 ) Happy Saver    
( 2 ) Night Ops
( 6 ) Chess Chief    

"May the Horse be with You"

by (339,840 points)
+3 votes

WIN 1 Midnight Bourbon

Place 8 Maxfield 

Show 3 Dr Post 


4 Happy Saver 

5 King Fury 

2 Night Ops

by (462,000 points)
+3 votes


WIN 1 Midnight Bourbon 

Place 8 Maxfield 

Show 2 Night Ops 


5 King Fury 

3 Dr Post

4 Happy Savor 

by (462,000 points)
+2 votes

W  4 Happy Saver

P  8 Maxfield

S  1 Midnight Bourbon

Alt  3 Dr Post

by (133,120 points)
+2 votes

W - 4.Happy Saver

P - 8.Maxfield

S - 1.Midnight Bourbon 

A - 3.Dr Post

by (1,016,160 points)
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