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Below are personality traits believed to represent people born on a specific day of the week. Which day were you born and how well does this describe you?


Monday: Moon Day

People who are born on Monday are generally modest and humble. They are always looking for a peaceful life. But, on the other hand they may be a little skeptical and unstable to take any important decisions in life. They always have a liking for blue color but should wear green color as often as possible to receive positivity in life.

Tuesday: Day Of Planet ‘Mars’

The main and dominant characteristics of the person born on Tuesday are open minded, active, disciplined and truthful. They always tend to have a dynamic personality which has a argumentative side associated with it. They have a liking for red color but should also wear orange and brown color.

Wednesday: Day Of Planet ‘Mercury’

People born on the Wednesday are extremely capable of doing and achieving everything they set their heart on. Always looking for an adventurous life and have a tendency to get bored easily. They want their life to be a fiction play and therefore they require a reality check in life. They have a fascination for yellow color but blue color should also be taken in consideration as it is helpful for them to calm their nerves.

Thursday: Day Of Planet ‘ Jupiter’

Thursday born people are generally great philosophers and they have their own way of approaching problems and difficulties in life. They don’t want sadness to enter in their lives, they are always looking for ways to cheer up themselves and others. Highly realistic people, they don’t believe in making castles in air and always have a realistic approach in life. They need to be surrounded by blue color to calm aggression, extroversion and increase sensitivity, tenderness and humanity.

Friday: Day of Planet ‘Venus’

Cheerful, Vibrant, positive and helpful are the characteristics that truly depicts a person born on the fifth day of the week that is Friday. Friday born people are travel freaks and love to explore the world on their own. They are highly energetic and ambitious to achieve their dreams and goals in life. But, on the other hand they lack good sense of judgment. They should be surrounded by green color which helps to establish the balance.

Saturday: Day of Planet ‘Saturn’

Serious, Sensible, calm and adaptable are the qualities that depicts the nature and personality of the person born on Saturday. Person who are born on this day love silence, they are precise and a lover of details in the smallest details. They like white and black color, but are recommended to use yellow as it makes them active and cheerful.

Sunday: Day of The ‘Sun’

Highly enthusiastic, confident, witty and generous are the true characteristics of the person who are born on Sunday. They are sensitive, altruists and naive optimists. Their enthusiasm and senses are in balance. They are profound, dignified, just, and decisive. They should wear white because it helps them to calm down their need to seek for the impossible.

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6 Answers

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I'm a Tuesday baby, so is my son. 

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Does that description fit your and his personality in any way?


I'm definitely argumentative and so is he, I think its fairly accurate. I prefer orange over red. 

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Mine is Thursday, and it seems pretty descriptive. I love philosophizing, and while I do things out of the ordinary, everything has a grain of realism to it because otherwise there's no point in dreaming it up if it can't ever actually happen. Being surrounded by blue I interpret as being around water, which is indeed something important to me.
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I am too and agree most with the blue... favorite color.

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Born on a Thursday! I'd say it's pretty darn close! Blue is my favorite color!

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I am a Sunday’s child.

I would agree my mature self is confident, generous and very enthusiastic. Negative and pessimistic types find me very annoying. My viewpoint is Yes, we can if we all pull together.

Others will throw up excuses all day.

However at the same time I am a Realist which sounds to some as contradictory.

Warm colors, smooth jazz is my vibe!

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Im a Monday baby, and all is very true except that I am not skeptical at all, and I although I find it hard to make big decisions, I do make them after considering all options. I also love the color blue, especially cobalt blue, but like green as well. Nice post! 

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Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursdays child has far to go,
Fridays child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for his living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay

An old nursery rhyme from the early 1830's.  You can pretty much find a good or bad prediction for whatever day you choose, I would bet.  Countée Cullen wrote a poem called "Saturday's Child," a poem that compares the life of a black man's fight to overcome his poor beginnings (His father said, "Bad time for planting a seed" and "One more mouth to feed.")  

I've heard both good and bad about my own birth day of the week.  I'd say parts of each are probably true about me.  In fact, as I looked through each one of the days in the post, I found a few things in each that I identified with in one way or another.  

So I guess I'm "ecumenical."  ;-)

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