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We usually see more posts about it on here.

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   Yes, yesterday was Thanksgiving. I sometimes post a Happy Thanksgiving message here to those who celebrate it but didn’t this year. 

   Thanksgiving I believe is the 4th Thursday in Nov every  year. After that it’s a countdown to Christmas. On Black Friday you can shop online or in person for bargains. 

    I had a small Thanksgiving with the girls and the boyfriend of one, at home. The thing is, being both are vegetarian I cook a small turkey for me and the boyfriend. This year I also made a corned beef brisket  because I like that more than the turkey. My girls came with what they make, plus different pies, and some mulled cider, (my girls make a vegan “ham”) Then we played a video game using your cell phone that shows up on the television. I had not heard of this before, I think it’s called Jackbox. Was fun but a little confusing to me!  

Sadly, my dog has been having problems with getting up—I think it’s arthritis—  and was barking a lot as he was frustrated that he couldn’t move around much. I’m calling the vet today to see what can be done. 

   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

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It is thanksgiving tomarrow.

All through the house, projects are undone.  I have the kitchen torn up putting in a new backspash.  The car is in the shop,, supposed to be done today, snow is on the driveway waiting to be cleared.  I bought a fresh turkey but forgot and left it outside last night, so now we have a frozen turkey.  We are not ready and guests arrive tomorrow afternoon.

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I hope you were able to thaw out that turkey in time!


The backsplash was finished at 10 PM.  The turkey was thawed and went into the refrigerator.  Dinner was cooked and eaten on time.  Lol.   Used my new oven in convection mode with a probe.  


Glad to hear it all turned out fine. Convection mode— good thing to have as an option.  My small turkey didn’t take but a few hours to cook, maybe 3 hours. 


I am not sure that convection mode did anything for me.  My turkey only weighed 13.5 lbs.  I stuffed it with a warm stuffing mixture and told the probe to be 185 degrees and it took just at 3 hours.  It started out at 60 degrees, it said.  That is about what the chart on the turkey said it should be.   I set the temperature of the oven at 325, but the oven converts that what it really wants for convection cooking.  Lower I think.  

It did a good job though.  Golden brown, not burned, or dried out.   No basting required, or even possible until about the last 30 minutes.  No juices running out.


As long as the juices run clear and not pink, you're good to go. Pink means the meat is still not cooked thoroughly. It sounds like those convection ovens are programmed well. With stuffing, I think you may have to cook it longer. 

 Mine was 11.5 pounds and had one of those buttons that popped out when it was cooked. I used bacon to wrap over the top of the turkey to retain moisture, took it off at the end to get browner the last half hour, so it got golden as well. 


The turkey also had a pop up button.  The instructions that I was following said that I should set the probe to be 160 degrees.  So I did that, but the button was not up, so I reset to 185.  A minute or two  after it got to there the button popped. 


These ovens are smart. Glad it worked for you. 


Me too.  Now that I have it working, I like it.  I still have found no real use for the wifi connection, except it automatically resets the clock after a power outage. 


I have my thermostat connected to WiFi, and have the app on my phone with the thermostat I bought. It came with instructions on how to go about it, and the electrician who came helped me set it up.  So if I’m in a room and don’t want to walk to the thermostat to lower heat or raise it, I can do it from my phone. Maybe you can do the same with your oven to preheat it, using an app on your cell for the brand of oven you bought. 


Lol.  I believe that a person could do that.  If one had a smart phone.  Which I don't.  Us cave folks are supposed to cook on an open fire.  Lol

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Indeed it is. I'm looking forward to my aunt's dressing. Best stuff ever. 

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." - Muhammad Ali

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Sure is.

Probably just be me, wife and kids.

We have something to be thankful for: being together. 

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Though I'm thankful and grateful every day, Thanksgiving is a perfect way and day to give back. It's one of my favorite holidays. I'll be helping out those less fortunate than I, at the city mission. Then I'll be cooking a large feast for my own family and friends, who will also be helping out at the city mission. I've done this every year since 1984 with my family, and I have encourage many others along the way who now help. Same for Christmas. Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe!

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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Our Thanksgiving Table is ready for tomorrow afternoon...

Some of the grandchildren who celebrate Thanksgiving with Mrs Media and me every year.

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VERY NICE! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


and to you and yours, Sandy!


Thank you! :)


That table looks great, Media! You are blessed to have all those grandchildren. I think the 2nd and 4th boys look very much much alike. Love the Charlie Brown figures and stuffed animals. 


The three oldest grandchildren aren't in the picture: a 19 year old who is in Parris Island in the middle of Marines basic training, and two granddaughters, 17 and 15, who arrived yesterday for Thanksgiving.  :-)


Full house!  That must feel great to be all together for the holidays, especially after these past 2 years. Enjoy! 


We have weekly Sunday dinner for the family, so 2 of the three families join us every week.  We miss the Virginia family terribly, but they are doing well!

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Yeap, big day of lots of family, food and football starts at Mom's at noon.  I got out of doing any cooking by doing the shopping for her.

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