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+3 votes

I'm on the sofa with my blanket looking for a good film.

in Entertainment by (3,139,840 points)

4 Answers

+1 vote

I've been enjoying binge watching the series HANNA the last few days.  In your details you mention film so not sure if your interested in starting a series. HANNA is a 3 year series.

by (359,600 points)

I do like binge watching but I need to be in the mood. I'll have a look at Hanna, thanks 

+1 vote

The Power of the Dog is highly rated and on Netflix. I've only watched the trailer but it looks worth watching. They're saying it's Benedict Cumberbatch's career best.

by (4,294,351 points)

I watched that last night. It wasn't bad actually.


Have you watched Red Notice?


No I've noticed it though. I watched The Harder They Fall the other night and it was brilliant, of course Idris Elba was in it, bonus.


lol Out of Time was fun. Don't think it's on Netflix though.

+1 vote

If you enjoy completely mindless action films, Red Notice is tons of fun. Exotic locations are gorgeous and the  banter between Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson is hilarious.  There’s quite a twist at the end. 

Hope you’re doing well, GB. 

by (2,506,250 points)

I'm good thanks, I've finished chemo and waiting to start radiotherapy. It's all going well and it won't be long till I get my life back. 


I’m so glad to hear it GB. I’ve had my fingers crossed for you. Here’s to continued healing and eventual perfect heath! 

+1 vote

Belle, a feel good movie was Annie on a cable channel called Hulu.  I'm not sure if you can find it on Netflix. But I am also watching on Netlfix, something called Into the Nigfht, which I think you would enjoy. It is a little bit of non fiction and action as well. Very exciting, about something happening in the world where the actual sun is killing people if they are in it. And so people on this plane flight are together trying to survive by flying on a plane during the night only and arriving at destinations, resting, and flying again against all kinds of obstacles.  Great acting. It's more than I explained here, but I'm sure you would find it interesting, and I think JPT would too. 

by (1,251,750 points)

Whoops, I mean science fiction, not non fiction for Into the Night. Not sure how that got there. 

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