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Here is my experience of the one and only time I was on a horse.

This goes back to the early 80's while I was in the army. My troop went on Summer Camp to Wales to walk up Mount Snowden, I am the only female there.

Part of our planned activities was a day of Pony Trecking. So off we went to get matched up with a horse. Bear in mind I'm the only girl with a load of handsome squaddies and the organisers of this treck were 2 young woman who were all over the squaddies like a rash. Now you would think that as I had never been on a horse they would choose a really docile friendly easy going guy eh? Nope.

This horse was massive and it was clear from the start he did not like me at all. This big boy did exactly what he wanted when he wanted and wasn't giving me an inch. 

After a very long very scary time we ended up at a pub. At last I could get off this beast and at least soothe my bruised ego with alcohol.

So here I am standing with a pint of lager when out of nowhere this horse simply swung his head and knocked me right off my feet. I didn't see it coming at all, suddenly I was staring at the sky.

To my pride I never spilled a single drop of my pint and told him I was taking him to a glue factory.

The journey back was worst cause I think we all know what happens after you drink a pint and sitting on a horse with a full bladder was my idea of torture. 

Needless to say, that was my last venture into the world of horse.

The 2 girls were happy though, the guys invited them to a bonfire party and well I'll leave it there.  

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Belle, If that was my story, I would probably stick to that one and only dance too. With your kind and assertive way I bet you'd make a great horse whisperer, lol. I, actually enjoyed your story. It sounds like the case of the "greens" which happens more often than you'd think. The horse that was picked for you was obviously "green" meaning he had very few rides and little handling. And, you a "greenhorn", which simple means an untrained rider. It's never a good idea to put the two together and expect a safe and functional relationship, lol. A beginner rider should always learn to ride on a more experienced horse. It's the only way this skill can be achieved. Sad this may have changed your feelings forever, but I get it, and right, never ride with a full bladder.  Also, horses love, love, love beer, he was probably wondering where his was? LOL!  Beer consists of all the things horses love. My horses enjoy a stout beer often as a treat, plus it's actually good for them. It's sound like everything ended well that's the main thing. Thank you for sharing. 


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You're a good storyteller, Belle. Made me laugh to read it.  :D I was on a horse twice on my life. I didn't like the fact that I could fall off, is all. Ha! One time in the snow, on a horse who wanted to go everywhere but where we were supposed to. But it was fun just the same.

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