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My list so have been keeping me busy.

-Santa Clause 1 and 2



-Home Alone


-a couple random holiday movies from Netflix that were not even mediocre. 

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5 Answers

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The Shop around the Corner ( James Stewart )

The Bells of St. Marys ( Bing Crosby )

It`s A wonderful Life ( James Stewart )

A Christmas Carol ( Allister Sim )

The Miracle on 34th Street ( Edmund Gwen )

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I forgot that I did watch White Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I need to squeeze in a couple more of these classics. 

+2 votes

Die Hard. But apparently there's a debate whether it qualifies or not.

by (4,255,511 points)

I see no debate here. Those that say it's not are just wrong. 

+3 votes

Only Home Alone so far. A Chrisymas Story is coming soon.

by (1,231,010 points)

I’m saving Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation for next week. 


Christmas Vacation?? Ohhh, good one!

+2 votes

I saw "Single all the Way" and a family one called "Unaccompanied Minors". I liked the latter one best, lots of fun in it. I have Home Alone on VCR tape, but no VCR now. :(. I love that one. 

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I’m on Team Blue - Die Hard  is a Christmas movie! And I watched it recently. I will get to all my favs before the season is over though. I love The Santa Claus, White Christmas, A Christmas Story and almost any version of A Christmas Carol. 
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