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I first found the first version of this place during my first year in community college. The year was like 2003 or 2004. 

I never considered myself as an elder statesman or no shit like that. I was just another person who found my own ways to contribute.... found ways to come back after extended absences & made a couple great friends along the way.

Today I turn 39 years old. I'm still recovering from surgery but can wiggle toes and flex my foot without pain for the first time in 2 months. I will be in a walking boot on January 5, 2022.... that's when the real fight begins to get myself back bike riding and walking sometime this year. 

Cheers to you guys and thanks for lifting my spirits when needed. 

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Onward and Upward King.

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Today as you reflect and inspire, always know there are people out there who truly care. Hook yourself only to those special stars. You'll  know who they are for they shine brighter than the rest. Look up King, always up!!

Here's wishing you the best birthday yet! : )

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Happy Birthday King, and many Happy returns. 

The last couple of years have been challenging to say the least but onwards and upwards.

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Keep at it, King!

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After breaking both ankles at the age of 65, I was told I might not walk again. After surgery on both ankles including  Titanium plates and multiple screws I proved them wrong. Age 58 I had a back fusion complete with Titanium rods and cage during spinal surgery.

I overcame both surgeries and I know you being much younger can also. Your body will heal and if you steel your will to go through and complete PT, it will be grueling at times but week to week you will become stronger.

I pray the Lord sees you through the trying times ahead!

Eat healthy, try to get proper sleep to help your body heal!

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