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                                                         Hello everyone not sure my question made sense my husband and I have been married 7 years he s disabled and I have an adult special needs daughter I do not like his oldest sister at all  cannot stand her to where I wont out this marriage my husband is from Maryland they hardly come to see him older sister recently like February moved back home but her nerving self will be coming down every 2 months she can stay home, no need anyways his nephew will be in later on today  I would of not known if he had of not talked to me on the phone about where to stay, he calls this morning asking hubby could he stay with us.

He said that they canceled his reservation at the motel I said yes which he will have to sleep on the couch we have a 2 bedroom apartment he to leave Sunday I m trying not to be bent but am for some reason I am going to let him cook which I hope he can what he wont s to eat clean up after himself I am my daughters caregiver andcould say his uncle s to I get tired I m tired now my daughter had me up at 8 this morning.

Hubby has one sister she soon to just show up did it the Saturday before the 4th and always has to be going somewhere we are homebodies either one of us can drive only go when we have to I just find out last night that my sisters sister in law passed so I am dealing with that also I not feeling to good about what he said about them canceling his room either my husband is sneaky I m hoping what I m thinking is not right say all along he knew he wwanted to say with us I know they wont to visit and my husband see them which he has a much bigger family then me which they do not come often.

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I avoid.

Life is what you make it.

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Hello could you explain your answer please

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Just do what you can do, and let them take care of themselves. They are adults, and you have your own things to take care of. Don't argue about who does what--show them where things are, have them help themselves as long as they also do not mind cleaning up after themselves too. Make your wants to be known, and if they complain, just say you already have things to take care of with your daughter. Say something such as, "I'm sure you won't mind cleaning up after yourselves while I do ---- with my daughter who needs my help."  Keep it simple and civil. 

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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Yes,yes keep it classy. I agree.

Set boundaries when you have to otherwise busy oneself with her own needs.

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