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I've found a box of pure history of my family. It has birth certificates from the 1800's and School Merit Certificates from 1918 and lots of things up until 1988. 

I'm fascinated looking through everything.

Medical bills from pre NHS days.

Ration books from the war 

Wills and loads more. I'm like a kid in a candy shop.


Edited to correct spelling 

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Belle, you have two different spellings. The one in your question is different than the one in your details. The one in your question mensuration, I'm pretty sure this has to do with the sound of various lengths of stringed instruments.

The other word mesuration I'm not familiar with or I don't recall.

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Eagle-Eye strikes again.


LOL! Recalling one word and not the other word is what did it for me. It brought out my Eagle-Eye! Better than Evil-Eye, right Blue?


Right. I'm not a big fan of evil. haha


Oh no now I don't know the true spelling and I've put the certificate away..  its got to do with geometry and my Papa was awarded a school merit certificate in 1918...


Yes, measuring the sound of strings on a stringed instruments is geometry aka mensuration or mensurating. I'm sure there's more than just measuring the sound of string length used on musical instruments though.

CONGRATULATIONS to your father!


I was going to cheat and look in my dictionary but my library connection is down.


LOL! It's OK to Google it now, right?! I'm definitely going to look it up for more information, since Belle's father received an award. My family, which includes me, are all musically inclined and inspired. Therefore, if it relates to music we more than not know!


OK! I just Googled the word mensuration, then cut and pasted it below;

Mensuration is the branch of geometry that deals with the measurement of area, length, or volume in 2D and 3D shapes. The 2D shapes can be drawn in a plane like square, rectangle, triangle, circle, etc..

I also Googled; mensuration geometry in measuring instrument string length. That stated pretty much what I stated. Bottom line it geometry (measuring). LOL!


You're a Google Wizard. Not many of them about.


Hahaha!! I just edited to add more Google! See my above edited comment.


I'll just go get my tape measure. Not a problem.


My fault, I forgot to add a key word, which is sound. Measuring sound is a bit more complicated. 

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I was thinking it's something to do with men but I'm probably wrong.

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I was thinking male menopause?


lol Right.

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It would mean the act of mensuring , whatever that means. :D I’m thinking of the word commensurate, which I think would mean to go along with or together with.  

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