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I’m in the middle of a few. One, Isabelle Allende’s The Soul of a Woman, Eva Luna Allende) and three, The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemmingway. And you? 

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How to make friends and Influence People. ~Donald Trump

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Now, that would be a best seller for sure. Not! 


Yeah that was in the library section called “Topics on Which The Book’s Author Doesn’t Know Shit” 

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Midnight in Washington

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Sounds intriguing. Spy mystery, or political book? 


Midnight in Washington: How We Almost Lost Our Democracy and Still Could by Adam Schiff

Not much mystery but quite enlightening.


Thats the 3rd or 4th book I’ve either heard about or read on the topic of the threat of our democracy under Trump. I read the one written by the FBI agent, Andrew McCabe, similar topic but about how his agency works, as well as his experience with Trump. 


For all things in general "Trump," I would say to read the Bob Woodward books (Fear, Rage, and Peril).  

For the latest and perhaps scariest account, check out Jonathan Carl's book, Betrayal.  Perhaps the best and most complete.


Thanks Media. I’ve wanted to read the Bob Woodward book. So many wrote in this man because there was so much to tell and so shocking, too. 

    While it was very popular at the time, I didn’t enjoy Fire and Fury as much as I did the one by Andrew McCabe. I felt he was more honest and credible, even if the events happening in the Fury book were true (Russian oligarchs attending Trump’s inauguration, Trump’s not sleeping and calling people from a private room at all hours of the night, etc). Then the most eye opening was the redacted version of the Mueller Report. I think that report was greatly overlooked. 

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None. Not even a magazine article. The last book I read was a Martina Cole book while getting chemotherapy. I was advised to get an easy read as the unit is busy with loads of interruptions so I chose her.

I haven't picked up a book since.

That will last a while then I start devouring books for a few months then back to nothing.

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I can offer you some suggestions. What kinds of books do you like?


I like crime, historic and the odd biography if I'm interested. 


I think you would like the book, No Country For Old Men, made into a movie. That gave me the chills. About a drug/money interception gone wrong,in Mexico, and I ruthless and remorseless killer is hired to find the lost money. There are so many others. My brother is reading Winters Tale, crime mystery. 

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I'm reading Sound of the Waves by Yukio Mishima. I read new books like every other day.

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What kind of book is this? Sounds nice. 


It is a romance book about two young lovers falling in love for the first time.

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Atomic Habits by James Clear

A Promised Land by Barack Obama 

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I mean to read that Obama book!   PS he ate at a bakery in Puerto Rico known for its great breakfasts and sandwiches. I forget the name, but people always asked for the sandwich “that Obama had”. 

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I'm constantly reading it seems, lol. I read everything and anything. Before I fall asleep I often like to read. I'm currently reading Chilly Winds, (a Chincoteague intrigue) by Brook B. Yeager. So far, so good, but I'm not ready to give it a full review until I'm finished. I'm a pretty fast reader so I'll be done soon. Depend on how sleepy I get while reading sometimes I put the book down rather quick, other times I can finish in one night.

When you finish your books, Amy, update us on your take. 
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Yes, Donald Trump puts me to sleep. FAST.


Chilly Winds, mystery? Sounds good. 

  I am almost done with The Soul of A Woman, and have got to go back to Eva Luna which is very good. I just began The Old Man and the Sea, and far I love it. 

   But if you’d like to know about three books I really liked by Isabelle Allende and I would recommend, House of the Spirits and The Japanese Lover were both very good. The first was made into a movie with Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jeromy Irons, Wyona Ryder and Antonio Banderas. That was excellent. 



Thank you, Amy. I'll check them out!

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