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New Years Day I woke up and started shaking rather strongly. Went to my neighborhood hospital and they decided to do a head MRI, to see if I had, had a seizure.

They found a brain bleed instead, they deemed to be old, but not how old.

No clue what caused the brain bleed, possibly an earlier fall?

The shaking, an essential tremor.

Happy New Year! And Happy Birthday which was the 4th!

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9 Answers

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Happy Fricking New Year and Birthday! Sorry about the bleed.

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Thx Blue everything had calmed now for now.

Hope it stays that way in 2022!

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Happy New Year and Birthday Lady!

Dayton Ohio nice city. I lived there for 20 Yrs.

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Thx Blue Jay!

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High blood pressure too can cause a brain bleed. I'm saddened that this happen to you, lady4u. Here's to celebrating you!
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Yes, indeed my bp spiked out of range with all the involuntary muscle shaking. It has resolved now with the shaking gone!

Thx SandyGirl!

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Oh no, I hope you are doing ok. Will you have to go into surgery? The veins up there are so fragile that a bump or a fall can cause a tear. Take it easy if you can. 

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No surgery planned, thank goodness!

Thx L2L!

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I'm so sorry to hear of your problems.  Going to a hospital for an unexplained (or even an known) problem is not fun at all.  I hope that you are able to find some closure for the problem and that it will never recur.  All the best to you in the new year!

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Thank you Media!

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Turns out it was an older brain bleed, possibly from an earlier fall where I bumped my head a good one. Nothing seemed the worse for wear at that time( nothing broke or fractured)

What sent me to an ER closer to my home was rather hard involuntary muscle shaking.They did one CT scan and found the brain bleed. They then transferred me 15 miles up the road to Dayton where they had a Neuro floor. They did multiple CT scans and found the brain bleed also.

They determined it was an essential tremor. It stopped on it’s own and hasn’t returned.

No surgery planned, thank goodness.

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Thanks for the update. Take it easy. 


Indeed. Your health is the most important thing and should be top priority. Take care Lady.

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   I’m very glad you’re ok. That is quite a scare. Im sure you’ll be careful and call the doctor for anything new that comes up. Happy new year, and all the best to you. 

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Happy new year and I hope your health remains in tact. Cheers to good health! Happy birthday as well

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Well SHOOT! That’s a scary way to start the New Year. I hope everything is ok & your diagnosis won’t cause you any further problems. 

Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!

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Thanks JPT!

I will definitely try not to bonk my head any further in 2022!

All symptoms have resolved since I got home from the hospital!

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