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Travis and Greg McMichael were both sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole with an  additional 25-35 years added in.  

Their neighbor, William Bryan, was given life with parole, howevee, Georgia law mandates 30 years be served before being eligible for parole.

While a small measure of justice has been served (they could've been given death), the young man is still dead.

Three families changed forever by absolutely horrid decision making by 3 racists.

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3 Answers

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And the beat goes on in the USA. Another senseless killing!

Every weekend Chicago’s children die needlessly!

Countless police officers are assassinated!

Sickos gun down children in school hallways!

Terrorists attack music venues or club, sports events shooting innocent participants like a carnival game!

Until the USA takes crime seriously and institutes the death sentence and starts involuntarily holding the mentally violent folks in psychological institutions nothing much will change.

These 3 men are in a class by themselves. 1 part stupid beyond comprehension, 1 part racist on the verge of Deliverance. 

All of this makes me sick!

I never again as a child thought our country would ever again devolve into such inhumanity after the beatings of black folks at that bridge and the KKK burning black folks home!

I was wrong the devil will always find a way!

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Well msaid

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KIng they deserved it.  I wonder at times what people are thinking and the rationalizations they use to justify their train of thought

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Just like NYC this weekend, a man threatened a young manager at Burger King to open the register and give him the money. After he received the $100 he shot her in the chest for no good reason. She died immediately. Many of these crimes are senseless!

Go figure!

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I am glad this was done and they got what they deserved. This has happened too many times that nothing was done or too little was done. Let's hope judges in our judicial system continue to stay fair and most important--that these senseless killings become fewer and fewer. 

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