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if you saw a group of people you know at an event or out and about and they see you standing there too but doesnt acknowledge you would you go up to them and say hi? Or is it a sign for you to not go up? What would you do?

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7 Answers

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I would wave to them while they were looking at me, from a distance.  If they returned my wave and motioned to me, then I would go and join them, even if only for a couple of minutes.  After all, they have plans together (and I wasn't part of those plans), and *I* have plans (or I wouldn't be in that spot in the first place), and I didn't invite *them* to be with *me.*.

If they don't pay attention to you even though you think they saw you, don't overthink it.  Just go about your business.  The next time you see the one with whom you think you maid eye contact, ask him/her by saying, "I saw you all the other day at ____.  I would have come over, but I was on my way to _____ and I know you all had plans, too. Hope it was a good time for you all!"

The biggest mistake you can make here is to overthink this.  Let it go.

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Tytyty ! What if I wave and they pretended to not see me ? 


I don't mean to butt in here--but personally, if that were me and they pretended not to see me--I'd ask myself, why go up to them if they act like this? I wouldn't need them as friends then! 


You can't know for sure that they are "pretending" not to see you.  So ... Just let it go.  Period.


If they looked at her, then looked away, for sure they aren't "friends". 

  Something similar happened to me at a retirement party. I had retired a year before--and another teacher retired as well. At her retirement party, I was excited to go as I had not seen many for a while. I saw a group of teachers I knew, however, they made no motion to say hello, no wave, etc., but I did go up to some that I knew better in that group and said hello, smiling at the rest. I can't say they were the friendliest bunch at school--I knew there were many "cliques" among some of the teachers there and understood that to them I was not part of their clique. It happens with women--I don't know if it's the same with men. 

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Being at the same place at the same time (not planned) is obviously just pure coincidence. Therefore, I would have no problem going up to the group to say hello. Just be genuine. State the truth, that you saw them standing there, and didn't want to be rude, so you came over to say hello. That may lead to further conversation. However, if it doesn't, simply continue doing what you planned on doing before you even knew they were there.

Let your life be driven with purpose!

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I'd go over and ask them to stop stalking me or I'll report them to the police. But that's just me.

Life is what you make it.

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I think it all depends on how well I know them and like them as well!  If they are very good friends, I would most likely go up to them. If they are just acquaintances, then I'd most likely nod my head at whoever caught my eye there and maybe wave hello. Just in acknowledgment that I see them, and not appear as if I am ignoring them.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.       -Socrates

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It would depend on a few things,  #1) do I actually 'like' these people ?  #2) how 'sociable' am I feeling  #3) does the 'atmosphere' at this event lend itself to mingling-about ?  And/or is it obvious that they are purposefully ignoring me  ?

The short answer though is; I'm most likely to go over to them right away, greet them as a group, and if/where possible I'll join right in on their conversation ...

Because, experience tells me, with 90% of people, if I wait for a 'sign' of acknowledgement (before I approach) I'll stand there all by myself for hours..., so I do the assertive, sociable thing (and go over to them before that awkwardness that comes with waiting for too long sets in).   

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I am not good at social things.  I would assume that since they had not talked to me about attending the event, they probably were not interested in me inviting myself over.  I would wave if I caught their eye, but that is about it.  If they waved me over, I go.  If they just wave back, I stay where I am. 

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Great answer

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Be polite if they notice you, wave and move on. Do not over think it, just move on

“Better a true enemy than a false friend.”

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