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What was the craziest thing that has ever happened to you? Or maybe something you witnessed. :)

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7 Answers

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There was the night my lady and I stopped into a local bar after a show.  The place was fairly empty, us at the bar.  A couple kind of both at a table and the bar and another table of 3 or 4 guys further back.  The couple looked to be about 50ish.  She was dressed to kill in a tight fitting low cut dress, the guy in kind of dressy duds but nothing really nothing note-worthy.  So, the guy is chatting up the bartender, an attractive 20 something male.  Being they were pretty much the only other people in the place and we'd sat at the bar it was kind of hard not to overhear the conversation.  The guy starts out with fishing for compliments about how hot his wife is.  This goes on for a quite a while before turning into she wants to fuck you and I want you to too.  The bartender is clearly embarrassed and not interested into hooking up with this guys wife, but seems to be trying his best to not blow a potential good tip.  We order a second drink and the conversation between the bartender and the guy slows down some as the bartender starts cleaning up and preparing to shut down.  The guy goes back to the table with his wife who then seems to head out.  We're about done with our second drinks and my lady heads to the restroom before we hit the road home.  She's back in about 30 seconds.  The restroom was dark and somebody was in one of the stalls, she got freaked and wanted to leave immediately. So we did.

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Oh sheez where was this at? Nyc? 


No, we were in Grand Rapids, Michigan


I remember you telling us this story, Grin. Something about a man asking if his wife was hot?  I don’t recall the bathroom thing, though. Scary! 

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I was visiting a house where my friend had a dog and a cat.  Just as I was leaving, I heard a noise and turned around to look.  The female cat was humping the female dog.  Now THAT's scandalous!

by (860,900 points)

bahaha maybe it was transgender?!


Hahaha!!! Media, I burst out laughing at this. My hyperactive dog often tries to hump my 19 yr old, very docile and half-deaf male cat. He’s too much. 

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To me personally, nothing. 

  I can tell you about my place of work though, when I was teaching in NJ. Many people knew about the affair a principal had with a teacher in a school I worked at. The teacher often came into his office for any little thing, teachers noticed. He eventually was divorced by his wife, and years later became the district superintendent. A very good looking man, when he appeared for my mother’s funeral, I remember my aunt saying excitedly, “Amy, what’s wrong with you? Go get him, he’s hot!!!” Lol

   Another time at the high school, a principal was discovered by a security officer spanking a female student at his desk, or something like this. He was later fired. 


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Thinking of Media’s reply:

The most scandalous thing that happened was when my mother-in-law came to visit.

She had sent 2 neon green large sofa pillows for or new couch. We had sent her a picture before Christmas of the mixed color couch, green, white black and yellow Herculon.

It was the early 70’s and all that!

They arrived just before Christmas, They were fugly to the 10th power. My male toy poodle loved them a little too much. ( ahem) I never placed them on the couch again until the day she returned for a visit with her husband and 3 kids in tow.

As if on cue, as she down on the couch, my male toy poodle began violently humping her handicraft!

She gasped out loud and I promptly removed the pillows. Her husband and kids rather enjoyed the show!

She however was mortified!

I let her son do cleanup on aisle 5!

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While trying  to think of one, I realized I live the most boring life possible… 

by (2,478,850 points)
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Someone stole Trump's election. And they're still whining on and on about it. Keep in-mind these are the people who told us all to get over it when Trump won.

by (4,128,071 points)

The nerve of them! 


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Me?  Nothing.  I live a booring tiring life.

But one company that I worked for, located in a religious center in Utah, one of the VPs of engineering that I worked for was caught screwing his secretary on his office desk one evening.  Not a surprise.  Everyone knew who was screwing who.

As a good example of a male dominated society, the company fired her, promoted him to a job in another part of the company.  Lol

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