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How to make your partner happy in bed, is a question that more couples are asking. This is because more people are realizing that sex does not have to be the drudgery that it has often been made out to be. In fact, there are many ways that a couple can improve their intimate relationship and have better sexual health. It just takes some knowledge and a willingness to take a few steps towards improving your sex life. Let's take a look at how to make your partner happy in bed.

First of all, having a healthy sex life can benefit your mental and physical health. Many people do not realize the connection between the two. If you are mentally stable, then you are less likely to have major problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. On the other hand, if you are physically healthy, then you are less likely to have problems with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

How to make your partner happy in bed is also important for you to maintain a healthy level of intimacy in your relationship. Intimacy refers to the sexual act, where you and your partner engage in a form of foreplay. Foreplay is not just about kissing and licking, although those things can be very good for you. It is about becoming emotionally and physically closer together. Foreplay is one of the best ways to build sexual tension and make sexual activity much more enjoyable.

Learning how to make your partner happy in bed starts by encouraging your partner to share his or her sexual fantasies. Some people have urges to experience certain types of sexual pleasure that they are not used to. If you encourage your partner to explore his or her sexual fantasies, he or she is more likely to be willing to explore the pleasure that he or she is trying to achieve.

You can start by telling your partner what types of sexual pleasure he or she likes. Ask your partner if he or she wants to go through multiple orgasms. This can be a turn-on for many men and women. You can also ask him or her if he or she wants to experience pain or discomfort during sex. The key here is to know what your partner enjoys. By doing this, it will be easier to create a sexual environment that is mutually satisfying to both partners.

Once you know what your partner enjoys, then you can create the setting to help heighten pleasure - in the form of a romantic mood. One way to create a romantic mood is by watching a movie or talking in bed. Another is to use scented candles or incense to give the proper mood. Once you and your partner have the proper mood, then you can move on to some foreplay.

Foreplay is not just touching - it is building up sexual desire. Once you build up sexual desire, then you are ready for intercourse. One of the best ways on how to make your partner happy in bed is to use a long-time, low-intensity orgasm. One way to do this is to touch her clitoris gently without any penetration. As long as you stimulate the clitoris and vaginal lips with your finger or a sex toy, this will definitely send her into sexual bliss.

The last step is to enjoy the sexual encounter. Once you have reached sexual satisfaction, then your partner should be feeling great and should be ready to go home and enjoy the night.


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That last line is a doozy.

"Once you have reached sexual satisfaction, then your partner should be feeling great and should be ready to go home and enjoy the night."

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It certainly raises more questions than all of the preceding advice answered...

(1)  "go home" ... so... you're not with your spouse, apparently

(2)  "go home" ... so... the relationship isn't solid enough to spend the night together apparently

(3)  "enjoy the night" ... so... what was the preceding?  chopped liver?  Not enjoyable, apparently

(4)  "enjoy the night" ... so... if the preceding sex romp was not the way one enjoys the night, what WOULD classify as "enjoying the night" if it isn't the sex?  Playing Canasta on line with your grandmother?


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You have the wrong instruction book for me bro! None of that lights my flame!

by (819,660 points)
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Kinda confused about this post.  It's titled "How to Cure Erection Problem," but nothing is specific to helping the man achieve this.  All of the other things mentioned is all well and good, but erectile problems start with the man and what HE can do to fix it.  Focusing on a woman's needs isn't one of them. He needs to handle his problems first, then he can do what's suggested here.

Numerous things lead to erectile dysfunction:  depression/stress, lack of confidence, being overweight, poor diet, unpleasant past sexual encounters, distractions during the current encounter....and there are others.  

All of this exploring and stuff should be done in post.....AFTER the man figures out and fixes HIS problem, gets out of his own head, and builds his confidence.  Lighting candles, playing with her clitoris, and sharing fantasies doesn't accomplish that.

by (113,970 points)

I agree it has nothing to do with the topic question

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by (2,478,850 points)

haha. Made me laugh this one and the responses.

+2 votes

Good advice all.

Except it has nothing to do with erecting a penis.  It is all about trying to make his partner happy and aroused enough that he gets to use his erect penis on her.

But I did find it enlightening that she is expected to come over to his place, take care of his erected penis and then get her butt out of there so he can get some sleep or whatever.  

by (1,569,050 points)

Great observation!

You notice there is no conversation.

There are many causes of a flaccid penis both mental and physical.

Many need to be addressed by a therapist or medical doctor, that can’t be cured with buying out the online Yankee Candle outlet!


I seen a guy one day at the toy store on the phone with his gf.she was having him buy a pump flashlight, a doll and a certain kind of lube. She was being very matter of fact to what he bought. I had to leave the store once sales lady started to explain how the pump worked. LMAO.


I take it this was an adult toy store.  

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N/A (Not Applicable) lol!

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