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I know that she is able to ask for information on this on her own--but I wanted to ask anyone here if they have any knowledge (or experience) in how to get this either online or in person, in our area (Ohio, Columbus). She knows she needs a Masters for it in order to become a librarian, but I wondered if there are colleges where you can take the courses online.  Does anyone know?   Thanks for any help.


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I'm afraid I am like Trump and know nothing on the subject. But I could make something up, if that would help.

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Amy Library Science is almost a dead field.  Look at the cutback in Libraries etc.

1. So my question would be why spend the time and money to go into a field with virtually no jobs in a decling field?

2. Where is she getting the money to pursue that Masters?  Loans are a dumb idea, she will never be able to pay them off.  Look at the Stats on how many folks are underwater paying off worthless degrees they cannot use.  Sociology, Psychology etc ring a bell?

3.Data Scientists & Data analysts and their ilk are dragging in Six Figure incomes and are in demand.  Almost the same work a Research Librarian did except this is digital

Sorry to rain on your youngest's desires and dreams, however better to be fed than starving and in Debt

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I agree totally. Most books can be read via online. I don’t see a future here. Although I once thought of the field myself when I was younger. But that was many years ago!

I too give it a thumbs down!

One of my younger cousins decided to be a veterinarian. She took many extra courses to impress her professors etc. Although she makes good money, she is way in debt trying to pay off her schooling. At one point she was unemployed and still had to pay her schooling. It’s been a tough road for her for sure!


I was thinking of that myself, that the profession itself may not be as in demand, etc.  She is at a crossroad in her life with deciding what direction she should go and is exploring diff avenues. She has also told me about OT (occupational therapy), something that I would love for her to do as it is very much in demand in hospitals, therapy clinics, etc. Both ask for a Masters in order to graduate from the programs. I’m hoping she will go for the latter. 

   Thanks for the input,both of you. 


On the other hand, I did ask a friend of mine the same question, and this was her reply. She is a social worker, MSW: 

    “Of course there is a great demand for Library Science. From Schools, Universities and yes, the library of Congress. Anywhere where institutions and businesses keep reference  libraries. Law schools, Medical schools, law firms anywhere!

Now FACT: my friend’s sister is a Physical Therapist for some reason Social Security Medicare reimbursed at a lower rate for Physical Therapy visits than it reimburses for Occupational Therapy. As you know OTs work in schools with special needs students, Physical Rehab centers, healthcare/…..”

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Check with Ohio State!

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Amy, Kent State University in Ohio offers a PhD in Library Science, Dual Degree, Graduate Certificate, also a Master's in Library Science. However, only the Master's is offered online. I would encourage her to look into her desire, as many colleges/schools/medical campuses and universities welcome and need people with this type of experience/degree. It never hurts to weigh all possible options of any career interest before moving on. Good luck to your daughter, Amy. 

Search source; Ohio Library Science Degrees for more information on the above, and other state options!

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Thank you, Sandy. That is exactly what she is looking for, however, that is way up north near Akron, and so I don't know how she would commute--it would take her two hours going and 2 hours coming back. Let's see if she can find something closer. Thanks for your time in looking that up. 


You're welcome, Amy.  Also, note that I do mention an online option too. In any event, I hope your daughter finds the convenience she is looking for.


Online is good if she's able to do it. I don't like to interfere with what she does--I used to and it was a mistake I learned from. I did mention to her that I thought she would enjoy being an OT--but it's her life and decision.  I have to tread lightly Ion conversations like this because she is very independent and likes to go on about things on her own. Making her own decisions is good for her--but she was an Art history major and did not fare well with jobs with that. Not here, anyway. 

I remember a teacher friend of mine saying she wanted to work as a hairdresser and told her mother when she was younger. Her mother replied, "Oh, hell, no!...."  I'm glad I wasn't  like that. 

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