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What's your personality type? I was amazed at how truthful it was. PS I am an "Advocate". What's yours?  It's not long of a test, btw.

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4 Answers

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My personality type is:

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It's states that the DEFENDER and the PROTAGAIST make excellent work buddies. So, that explains it, why we work so well together, Blue Jay, lol!


You hit the nail on the head Sandygirl!


BOOM! : )

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My personality is:



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Defender here, at your service.

by (4,128,071 points)

Same as Bluejay, nice!

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Defender to a fault!

by (819,880 points)

I’ll have to read up on Defenders. They said mine was a rare one,. Hmmm, I wonder why that is. I thought there would be more, let’s see if anyone else takes the test. 

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