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But I'm all done with cancer. I had my last radiotherapy session today so good riddance to bad rubbish.

I'm over it.

Just the injection every 3 weeks for a year but that will be a scooosh.

It feels sooooo good.


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Hallelujah Belle!

Eat healthy, sleep well, take walks as you can tolerate in nature weather permitting!


Thank goodness you’re on your way to a New Year!

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Do you meditate? I can't, I swear lady every time I try I end up bursting for a pee, honestly. I've never been able to understand it, I even go before I attempt to meditate  


I've tried it myself, Belle. But I was able to do it about 15 yrs ago, not sure if I can now. The trick is to focus on something and keep your eyes on it, at a time like the morning, when it's very quiet.  Try not to think of anything (what they call noise). It's very hard for the person who is constantly thinking, like me. But I need to try it out more to get back into it. 


I've tried lots of times Amy, I've also tried those relaxation tapes but the same thing happens. 

Relax = bathroom PDQ.


Yes, Belle, I was very good at meditating. That was before nearly every vertebrae in my back throbbed with pain. I used to listen to a local program called Lilias ,Yoga and you. She did Hatha Yoga and part of that focused on breathing.

Lilas the instructor would lead the viewers through several deep breathing exercises. Inhaling deeply and letting go. It was on daily. 

Even my toy poodle got into the poses!

That was way before anyone thought of dog yoga.

She is on Utube  last I checked!

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Glad it's over. Stay cancer free Belle.

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That's great news, Belle. I'm both happy and relieved for you. I'm sure you are mega glad and can breathe again,  yay!!!!

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Congratulations.  Time for a party. 

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I'm thrilled for you, Belle! Let the pleasures of life commence!

: )

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That's great news!

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Lifting a frosty beverage in your honor!

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