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This is the previous story.

To add, I had stopped talking to him completely. 

After the uni reopened, I was telling a friend about him and all of sudden he appeared out of nowhere and walked past us. While we were talking in low voices, he still heard about a suitcase full of books (which he has kept in the room he studies in). Turns out, another friend confirmed that while he was going downstairs , he heard my voice and decided to take the other way to check if it was indeed me talking to my friend. Hence, the sudden appearance and passing by us.

4 days later, my locker which is situated right next to the room he studies in, was opened. As if someone had opened it and didn't close it properly. He knows exactly where my locker is and had seen me multiple times taking books out or putting books in. I don't know exactly for sure who did it bit I do suspect him. He was awfully quiet on social media too, barely checking it much and the friend who saw him overhearing , said he was indeed studying.

Yesterday, unfortunately, I bumped into him and he was like hey how are you , how's life going. I didn't want to talk to him but but for the sake of keeping civil, replied and we talked briefly about how's he's busy, working on his essays etc.

I checked my phone and he still has my number saved and I also caught him watching me from afar just like before. And after 10 days of quiet behaviour on social media, he is now suddenly very active, constantly online.

Why is he doing this when he stopped replying to me? 

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I have two questions for you. One, why don't you have a lock on your locker? Two, why are you checking up on whether he is on social media or not?  You have friends checking up on him for you. Who is doing the stalking here? 

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Exactly what I was thinking?


My friends aren't checking up know him. They saw him standing and hearing.

My locker is broken that's why


Get another locker issued to you as this one is broken. Trying to start a relationship by talking isn’t stalking. Driving by your home all hours of the day. Commenting on your social media, showing up unannounced to outside school activities might be considered sketchy.


But hows he starting a relationship??? I posted about him before where he ghosted me then suddenly went hermit mode and then when he saw me, then talked. 

I dont get it. Also if he indeed is the one who looked into my locker, isn't that shady?? 


How are you sure he looked inside your locker? And locks can be easily replaced. 

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