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Have job interview even though weed is legal still would be a fail and not get the!!

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5 Answers

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A bit of honest advice about attempting to cheat a drug test, the truth is it won't stick. Let's say you pull it off this time, just know that at some point you will no doubt fail. Most companies who drug test for interviews also have random checks, with many alternating their test method types too, i.e., urine samples, blood tests, or saliva/swab. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear but it is indeed the truth. 

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Don’t smoke weed, if the job tests for it. Get clean, apply for work.

Nearly every reputable employer drug tests these days!

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I've heard it's getting more and more common for companies to not test for weed because it's so prevalent.  Thins out the labor pool too much!  So, they have dropped weed from the profile of drugs they screen for.  Not sure if that might apply for you or not.  

There are ways around tests but I'm retired and not up to date.  Back in my union negotiation days I attended a few seminars on drug testing.  I can give you a good 30 year old debate on both the Pro's and Con's of drug testing.  Sensitivity vs. selectivity. Etc.

Back then the one best piece of advice on beating urine tests I heard was to contaminate the sample with protein.  The easiest and probably most explainable way, as well as readily available, being a drop of blood.  Good reason to always wear your union pin.   Always good for a finger prick when needed.

Anyway, not sure if that works at all anymore...  

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I just Googled "How can you pass a swab drug test" and got a ton of promising looking links.  

Including this one (skip the sales pitches in sections 1 and 2, unless you have a nearby head shop that might stock such, and check out section 3 - Hydrogen Peroxide)  --


Ah! The good old days, lol! Trust me none of these rarely work anymore. Some used to use eyedrops too, lol. Best chance with a swab is to just stay away from it for awhile, and rinse with mouthwash often. However, eventually this will fail, especially if random and other testing is done. As a business owner I feels whatever my employees do on their own time is their business, as long as, it doesn't interfere with their job performance. Fortunately, for me, that understanding of both sides works. Responsiblity comes in many sizes. Bottom line, I would not encourage cheating of any kind, it almost always doesn't end well. 

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Just tell the employer to relax. It's not crack cocaine. Caffeine is a drug. Ask if you can test them for coffee if they get difficult.

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If you use weed and it's legal, fine.  However, if you are applying for a job that forbids the use of weed, stop using weed.  Then take the test later.  Explain to the potential employer that you really want this job and you are willing to give up weed in order to get the job.  Then arrange for a test for a time when the weed would no longer be in your system.

If you don't plan to give up weed, don't apply for this job!

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