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"How was the question of the existence of God resolved with respect to the notion referring expression?"

This is a question from the semantics book, I have searched a lot of papers but I do not know how to explain it right.
With this question, I thought I will answer it like: maybe no one has ever seen God but whenever talk about God, there is always a particular image that appears in their mind because they have statues and pictures of God. And that is the reason why although is not refer to an exact person but God is still a referring expression.
I do not know if my answer is right and I am afraid I will talk about something not appropriate.
Can anyone help me with this, please? 

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3 Answers

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Stay calm, help is coming.

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I respect that religion involves subjectivity based on individual experience. These experiences are not only diverse, they're endless. Maybe someday we will have all the answers we seek, ("The Truth"). 

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It seems to me that you are taking a course in Semantics that uses the textbook, Semantics: a Coursebook by Hurford, Heasley, and Smith.  Your question is asked on page 64 of the text.

As such, the question is asking you to use your understanding of "referring expression" and to apply that understanding to the question of the existence of God.  This is a question that is directing you to further sharpen the idea of what a "referring expression" is and what one (or more) might be in reference to God's existence.  Your answer doesn't really address the word choices used (semantics)  to describe God's existence, as the question directs.  Instead, your answer is rather vague and imprecise.  Such terms as "Mother of God," which refers to the Virgin Mary, for example, might be such a referring expression you could examine. You would need to come up with others, of course, and I would suggest you mention referring expressions from multiple religions, not just the Christian Roman Catholic faith (as I referenced for you.)  

Perhaps if you go back to the textbook and start off with page 64 where the question is asked, you can find a better indication of where you need to go with your answer and what should be included in that answer.

Best wishes as you move forward with your education!

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