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I really like thrillers and mysteries...but then I like romantic comedies as well. You? 

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I like many genres I'm afraid. A shot in the dark, Peter Sellers was hilarious. What About Bob, Bill is a comic genius. Grease is a classic. Notting Hill for romantic comedy and Message in a Bottle, which has a sad ending. You don't get that very often. Airplane 2 for the laughs. Dark City and Angel Heart for horror I never get tired of watching. Brewsters Millions for the concept of hating money and voting for none of the above. The Matrix and John Wick for Keanu and action.  Mister Roberts for an older classic by John Ford. Nobody for a more recent action that ticks all the boxes. Police Academy. Predator. Rambo. Rocky. Jaws. Short Circuit. Speed. Stardust. Terminator. The Dream Team. The Iron Giant. Your Highness. To name a few.

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Though I enjoy all kinds. I'm particularly attracted to prison movies. In this genre, I find it gives me an insight of a world that I will never ever experience otherwise. Though there are many prison movies. The Shawshank Redemption, and The Green Mile were not only intrguing, the acting was absolutely brilliant. 

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The Shawshank Redemption is one of my favourite movies, it was my husbands ultimate favourite. 


Both by Stephen King, and IMO both very good, though I liked Shawshank Redemption more. If you like prison movies Sandy do you also like films like One FLew Over he Cuckoo's Nest? In a way that was like being in a prison (like Nicolson says, I think in that movie).  I really liked Girl, Interrupted when it comes to films based in mental institutions. 


That one, and The Body or Stand By Me are two favorites of mine by S King. 


Yes! IMO, all mention are worthy of watching again and again, Amy!

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I'm into horror movies, however,  now I prefer more psychological horror than the slasher kind. As I get older I have less tolerance for blood and guts.

A good edge of the seat thriller will do me too.

Romantic comedy is my least favourite and I avoid at nearly all cost.

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I like the psychological ones too. Yes, thrillers!  Romantic comedies: I'm a hopeless romantic slop, what can I say? 

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Sci Fi is definitely my favorite, because I like pondering the general 'what if' posed by the genre and the escapism I get from it. .  

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IF, did you see the one called "Don't Look Up?"  Or Midnight Mass?  on Netflix? MM was creepy. 


I saw Don't Look Up, though I think it was sadly more 'Satire' (and an accurate commentary on the stupidity of humanity) than 'Science Fiction' ;-( 


Yes, Don't Look Up is a satire; and many thought the same about it (not really science fiction). I read that some people loved it--and some didn't. I liked it and saw it definitely had political undertones. You can also look at this movie and compare it to the issue of global warming, and h the meteor being the problem people will scoff at. 

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I like fiction, mystery, and romance books.

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