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When a person gives an ultimatum and you’re not in a relationship what does this mean? I will give an example or two. I have a friend that I gave a present too. Somebody walked by and asked what I had got him. When I went to tell this person my friend immediately blurted out “if you tell him I am not going to open it“ on another occasion the same friend blurted out “if you text him I’m not going to talk to you anymore“ when I I was going to give my telephone number to a mutual friend

The reason why this is so confusing to me is because this friend is in his late 30s and this behavior seems so adolescent. This is the only time the friend behaves this way other times very mature and doesn’t exhibit this type of behavior. So any insight would be nice and thank you so much in advance for your response.

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Some people never grow up. It also sounds like this person over-estimates their importance. The problem with ultimatums is people might see if you're serious. My brother threatened me with see you on the other side. In other words when we're dead. But then our Dad had to tell him to stop behaving like a 2 year old. I just let people get on with it. If they want to behave like an idiot that's their problem.

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