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It’s been said openly today by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some others, that V. Putin has cancer. Knowing he has been isolating himself from his own people who he works closely with, do you think this has something to do with how he is going on with his war on Ukraine? Is this his last ditch on doing all he can before he hits the bucket? He may not care about a war with the US ( which we are trying to avoid at least costs) if he knows he doesn’t have long to live, is my thinking. 

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5 Answers

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It's not beyond the realms of possibility.

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I think there is a better chance that Putin's dictatorship will end before he dies of cancer.  One possibility would be that the oligarchs, who are now separated from their money by the West, would rise up against him.  Another possibility is that the Russian people will rise up against him; his invasion of Ukraine is immensely unpopular, and already, over 6700 people have been arrested by Putin's thugs for demonstrating against him.  Another possibility could be that the soldiers, many of whom have relatives in Ukraine, might refuse to carry out Putin's orders of mass execution, which is undoubtedly the next step in Putin' siege warfare approach to the cities in Ukraine once they are surrounded. The massacre will be despicable but altogether possible, I'm afraid.

Waiting for nature to take its course, I believe, won't happen in time to save Ukraine if Putin's invasion proceeds according to his schedule.

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 Ah well, I realize that his illness may take a long time to possibly do him in, if it does at all. I was talking more along the lines of, he is so sick now that he doesn’t care what he does at this point in time; he’s leaving his mark on the world while he can. He also suffers from Parkinson’s, which may also account for the way he distances himself from people literally. There is a photo of him sitting at a long table in which he is seated at the far end of the table, and his staff is on the opposite side, and they are communicating like this. There was also an article written saying that he is gripped in pain during meetings.  So granted, he must not be a happy camper to do all he does and inflict pain on another country and its’ people. Why he is doing it is anyone’s guess. 

    I’m hoping that his own people will take him down. As incredibly risky that would be, there are many who don’t side with him and his views. 

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Anything is possible.  If he has cancer I hope it is an aggressive form and as painful as possible.  

But I doubt it.  Wishful thinking by the world I think. 

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It's enlightening to see how engaged the world is in voicing their support for Ukraine. He has been such an evil dictator throughout the years, that I wouldn't care if he suffers. But I'm hoping people will rise up to him in an unexpected opportunity and bring him down. 

The russians have little history for that.  I think the last time was when Lenin came to power, and look how that turned out.  Putin has taken the first page out of the dictator playbook.  Shoot all of the opposition.  There may be a general somewhere that would like to be Tzar but it is a risky move.  Our best hope is that he croaks.  I bet he has food testers.  Lol.


He reminds me a lot of Fidel Castro, you couldnt talk badly about him either. But I don’t think Castro had any people who opposed him  killed, only jailed. 

   Food testers! Lol. I wouldn’t doubt it, though!  

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Amy, I recall recently that Putin was placing a large wreath publicly for some function. I came in late on the program to find out the exact occasion. He looked bloated in his face and appeared very moved, deep in thought. It was the first time I have ever seen him on camera showing any humanity. Most of the time he appears soul less and like a shark primal and incapable of any deep feelings.

He seems to suddenly want to make this move, possibly in an act to restore Mother Russia?

There is a special place in Hell for tyrants like him. God will judge him as the world despises him. May he have swift passage!

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I just know about him being a ruthless killer, I’ve never seen him become emotional. Those must be rare times. But your right, karma will get him for all the suffering he has caused. He seems like a truly evil person, and some have said he is not in his right mind. Yes, I believe he does want to restore Russia before he dies. His mark on the world. 

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She said that she heard from some people that he either has cancer or brain fog from covid isolation. That's like saying someone has a stomach ache from either eating a bad piece of fish or has stomach cancer.

He is attacking now because the current administration is weak. Case in point: They are currently negotiating with Iran to give them billions of dollars, allow a nuclear weapon AND buy their oil. So we will be buying Russia AND Iran's oil :/ After the complete and total disaster known as Afghanistan, Putin started moving his troops to the Ukrainian border in earnest. Biden also handed him Nordstream. When he did that, it emboldened Putin especially since Zelenskyy is staunchly against it NS2. Biden wanted to appease the far left Marxists, and now innocent children are being murdered in Ukraine. It has nothing to do with Putin's health.

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