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My take is what are we waiting on?

Aren’t we by proxy financing Putin’s war on Ukraine?

Certainly a ban would reduce his war chest?

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We are negotiating a deal with another terrorist state, Iran. If we ban it now, the deal with the terrorist state of Iran to buy oil from them won't go through. Then, we won't be able to buy oil from the terrorist state of Iran OR the terrorist state of Russia.

It appears as if the buying oil from terrorists is very important to the Biden administration which is odd since we don't need their oil. We have plenty here.

They say they are afraid the price of oil will go up. But it won't go up if we replace their oil with American oil. I am 100% that is possible because we were doing that until January 18th, 2021.

Good thing there is an election in November which everyone wants to win. Joe Manchin has a bill to ban Russian oil and replace it with American oil that has the support of 75 Senators. Now we just need Up Chuck Schumer to put it up for a vote so we can stop buying oil from terrorists that they use to fund the genocide of the Ukranians.

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Sanctions don't work I've been hearing.

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I think the US could ban US corporations from buying russian oil.  And is past due.  We can only encourage other countries to follow suit.

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We are not that dependent on Russian oil. However, I believe banning is the plan. We shall see? 

Unfortunately, the selfish want for more and more intense power, wealth and control is what causes all these difficulties. Where does it end.  

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War isn't funny and gives one very little to laugh at, however,  do you know what does?.

It's not so long ago that the MAGA cult were telling us we should be friends with Russia, why do we treat Putin like the enemy, big cheers when trump said he likes him and putin likes trump.

It wasn't that long ago that memories would be foggy when trump was withholding military equipment until Ukraine made up some dirt on trumps political opposition.

Suddenly now its all Bidens fault that Putin sees the US as weak and he doesn't look like such a friendly guy now.. if he was then Putin would be back in Russia and out of Crimea long before Biden got elected. 

Yes that is laughable. 

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