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What are some things you are willing to try? 

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5 Answers

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I am willing to try the following foods:  Hot dogs.  Lasagna.  Pizza.  Peanut butter sandwiches. Grilled cheese sandwiches.  Scrambled eggs.  Fried egg sandwiches. Chicken parmesan. Spaghetti. Cheeseburgers. Cream of tomato soup. Chicken sandwiches. Roast turkey and turkey sandwiches. Mashed potatoes. Crab cake sandwiches. Lobster. Oh, and so much more!

Yes, I'm a risk taker... 

by (882,560 points)

What, no sushi?? Bilgogi? Steak tartar? ;)

   Fried egg sandwiches???!!


My bad, I love fried egg sandwiches. I dont know what Iwas thinking of, I really like those. 




Senior moment :)

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I'm not sure if this is what you mean but...I need to open up my menu to more vegetables. I simply don't like them. I need to introduce more leafy greens as I now have a B12 deficiency. My body is not so much a temple but more like a derelict tenement with a demolition notice. 

If there is a way to eat yourself ill I've found it  

by (3,084,140 points)

Do you like garlic, Belle? Those veggies taste better with it, and also with nuts like pecans or walnuts. I like creamed spinach too with some butter. 


I'll need to start liking them. I don't want to be on meds long term. 

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My food bucket list contains a continuation of enjoying many exotic fruits in vegetables from around the world. I order something different every few months from There's all kinds of wonderful unique fruits and vegetables to try from there. Next on my bucket list is the beautiful purple Japanese wild fruit Akebi. The taste has notes of pear, coconut and melon. I've tried some fruits and vegetables that I love, and some I could definitely live with out, lol.

by (267,270 points)

I buy some of those exotic fruits at Asian food markets here. Dragonfruit, Asian pears, and some root vegetables like taro. I like the variety of products you can try. 


I love all those you mention, Amy. Asian foods are wonderful!


I like them and other tropical fruits you don't see growing here, such as guavas (not sure if they grow in Florida), papaya, and starfruit. 


Sounds wonderful, Amy. I'm wondering do any of the Asian Food Markets that you go to in Ohio  have websites, and do they deliver? I currently order from every few months, they're out of San Diego. However, occasionally the produce that I wish to purchase again, or the new ones on my bucket list that wish to try are out of stock. Specialty Produce has beautiful produce with great shipping packaging for delivery. However, I would love a second shopping option. Thank you.


My feeling is that they do not ship anywhere, but just so you know the names, they are Sagara International Food Market, and Sunrise Asian Supermarket. There are many others but they are smaller than those two. I would continue to order from the ones you order from. I’ve seen those online. 


Thank you, Amy!

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I don't have a list of things that I want to eat, but will eat almost anything presented to me once.  I.e.  Blood sausage, kidney, haggis, brains, sushi, steak tartare, lung soup, etc.  Some of it I will try again, some not.

by (1,589,790 points)

I have had blood sausage when I was younger. I've not had haggis, nor brains, nor lungs although I used to eat the chicken lungs in the pieces of chicken too when I was small. Love sushi--it really is not bad at all as long as the fish is fresh or sushi grade tuna/salmon.  But to eat the blood sausage now--or try lung soup--no---with age I have become more squeamish, so I can't say I will try those.  You are braver, and more tolerant to food than I am, Wellone. 


There are two kinds of blood sausage.  One is bigger and served sliced cold.  You eat it on bread, like salami.  It is pretty good if you don't let it warm up.  The smaller ones are cooked like hot dogs and served warm.  They are terrible.  

Lung soup was cheap.  The lung is shredded and in this grey soup.  It isn't bad, it just was not good.   But was cheap.   The germans also eat liver dumplings.  Not especially good either, although considered a delicacy by some.

I never found any of the raw fish stuff good.  I got to spend a week in japan with all of the raw fish that I could eat with a stick.  I never found anything that I would order again.  Raw tuna is not terrible, but not great.  In a week, I lost 5 pounds.  It would have been worse except for the beer and noodles.

Haggis is really pretty good.  Lots of flavor, texture is good.  You cannot really tell what is in the stuff.  You really don't want to know.  It is much better than black pudding.

An interesting one from iceland is rotten shark.  They are trying to rebrand it as fermented shark, but the way it is made is to put big pieces of greenland shark into a big tub and then let it sit for several months outside, after which you hang it up to dry a bit before you eat it.  It is a bit fishy but not bad.  I ate one small piece.  Lol.  It smells pretty bad.

But I am game for trying almost anything.


Like I said, you’re much braver than me in the food department. 

   The blood sausage I had as a child was part of something called “cuchifritos” which translates to Puerto Rican delicacies that are like fritters. There was fried pigs ears, roast pork skin ( like cracklings) and cows tongue. I can’t believe I ate those. I didn’t mind them at all. 

   I’ve seen blood sausage being made in Spain, and they make it filled with rice. Better I guess, but I didn’t try it. 

   Raw salmon as in sashimi is very good! Smooth texture, fresh in taste. Great dipped in soy sauce. 

   PS that shark you mention! OMG— I get shivers just thinking of it. 


The worst part of the rotten shark was the tour of the facility where it was processed before we got to eat any.  Fortunately the wind was blowing and we tried to stay upwind of the rotting shark.

The black pudding was blood and oats I think.  Served for breakfast in Scotland.  

I have had tongue.  It is not bad, cooked right.  I also have tried testicles.  Twice.  I am not a fan.  Same for okra.  The people in the south kept telling me how good it was if cooked right.  So I kept trying.  Terrible.

I think it depends on what you are used to.


You’re right.  Okra is ok if I fry it in batter. I also just boil it in salt, I like the little pods inside. My mother in law would make it into a soup and add chunks of ham. Tongue to me was almost like beef. 

   That shark tour…I think I would have fainted from the smell! Lol


The smell of several hundred pounds of fish rotting is pretty overpowering.  Fortunately, the wind blows a lot.  Lol

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I have not decided yet but I willing to do right now.

I have some of my favorite items that I would like to add in my food bucket list.





Som tam


by (540 points)

What ia Som Tam? Sounds Vietnamese. 

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