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A duck and her ducklings in the backyard (there are many here around the ponds), and a goose with the same (goslings?), so very cute.  They were sleeping in the sun as it's chilly today. The baby chicks follow the mother whereever she goes. Adorable.  Tried taking a picture but I try it from the sliding glass doors; they scare easily and then waddle away.

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are playing baseball and are not yet mathematically eliminated from the pennant race!

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One of my apple trees has blooms for the first time. It mate doesn't so we may not get apples this year. My strawberries are also doing wonderfully and already have small green berries forming. If it is like last year they'll continue to produce until November.

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I wonder if you have to wait a few years before they give fruit. I miss my strawberries from where I used to live. They would always come out at this time. Good luck with your apple tree. You might want to look here for any garden questions....

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A Robin flying to and from high points and other various birds in the back garden.

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I see a lot of robins here. Cardinals and bluejays are my favorites. Then the chickadees are really cute, so tiny. But those ducklings are really adorable. 

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The sign of spring here is turkeys.  The males all puff themselves up and strut around showing all of the tail that they can, hoping to get lucky.  The females all wander around pecking at the ground, ignoring the males.  It reminds me of going to a night club.  

But it is a grand show.  Next, after a few males get lucky, the turkeys all disappear for quite a while.  The next time that I will see them is when the chicks are about chicken size.  I don't know where they go to nest and I guess the predators don't know either.

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Hahhaa! That's funny the way you put it about those male turkeys.  We did have some mallards here flocking around as if they were all playing a game under a tree.  But the ducklings were adorable. 

   Where I am there are a lot of hawks, and the birds disappear when they see that shadow coming by. I once scared one away that was after a rabbit. Not in MY yard! 

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I woke up to snow this morning.  So, I'm not feeling very spring like at the moment.  They're predicting sunny and 70's this coming weekend though.  That should get my spring fires burning.

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Yes, we had snow too. So odd. Well, in NJ we had a full blown snowstorm once in April, so I cant complain. Maine has the same--I was once driving through it, heard a lot of wind that night, and woke up to snow. 

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The cherry blossom tree outside my window. It's not mine, it's just outside my garden on public ground but beautiful no less. 

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Those are pretty. They are blooming here too, along with some trees I’ve never seen before. 

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