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If you need that you're not my friend...take a bath ffs.

I should work in advertising 

in Friendship by (3,170,350 points)

4 Answers

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It will be summer soon, then you can open the windows.

It is an interesting idea.  Once a week shower, then a bit of antistink every 3 days, or until the neighbors complain, whatever occurs first.

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+1 vote

Who is selling that?? That’s disgusting. :O

by (1,251,850 points)

Sure!. I saw it being advertised. Its a good way to lose friends I think. 


Well, the only thing I could think to use that is when there is absolutely no way you can take a shower or bath in certain situations. Maybe if you had one bathroom in the house and it was being remodeled, or if you had surgery and couldn’t but take a sponge bath. So that might be why it’s on the market, although at any sink you can always wash your pits with soap and water! 

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I recently saw a TV commercial advertising a deodorant/antiperspirant with 72 Hour Protection too. That product's name is Degree. I'm allergic to many of those type products. Gentle soap and water works best for me and/or all natural products.

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I've been advised not to sweat the small stuff.

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Good advice!


haha excellent.

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