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My dad turned 90 on Thursday and we had a lovely day at the care home, everyone joined in for tea and cake, it was really nice 

Tomorrow is a big family meal with about 40 attending and I'm het for the thank you speech. Serves me right for having a big mouth.

Anyway, I want to say something about how great it is that we got together for him while he is still with us because frankly the only other time would be at his funeral. 

1) bad taste?

2) ideas?

3) scrap the idea and just thank everyone for coming?. 

All and every opinion welcome and those that know me well knows I'll do it my way anyway lol. 

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5 Answers

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Sometimes you've just got to go for it.

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Happy Birthday to your dad, Belle! How wonderful. My dad will be turning 100 years old in December, my Mom 98 in November, so I know how precious this time together is. 

Off of the top of my head I have:

"The best of today is sharing the gift of time with you, Dad! Cheers to you and your young at heart way! May we continue to cherish your special journey together for many more years to come!  Here's to our rock! Congratulations on 90 years young! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, my kind, and handsome father. I love you!"

That's what I would say to my dad, however, you may incorporate that with adding in your own sentiments. Use it all, part of it, or not at all. Definitely do it your way.

Here's to embracing this special moment celebrating your dad, with others who love him too. Have a blast, Belle! : )

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Well said, Sandy!


Thank you, Media! 


Very Eloquent, SandyGirl!  

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 Congrats on your father coming to a great old age. I know you will say what you feel best at that moment, but I would add memories you all shared with him, and times you’ll never forget. Funny moments, scenarios, any and all you can think of that you want to mention. I’d wish him many more years (and look at him to see if he agrees with that! Depends on how he feels) and thank everyone who came to this special occasion. Include pictures on a board to share with everyone. 

  Simple always works for me! 

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HAPPY BIRHTDAY to your father, Belle ame!

I'm sure you'll do fine on your own or with using the answers given. 

This mile stone is huge. Have fun!

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I had the honors for my husband’s grandfather. I thanked everyone generously for coming making special note of the ones traveling the farthest.

As I began talking about George I mentioned his birth was 90 years earlier and in comparison who was President and what our country was experiencing. Social changes as the women and blacks receiving the right to vote.

I covered his service to his country in WWl and all the technological changes he had observed in his life. Developments in air travel from Kitty Hawk to landing on the moon. I think even his grandchildren were amazed by all the changes he had faced in life.

Keep it fun and light hearted. Be gracious and ask if anyone else would like to added to the memories shared.

Congrats on Dad’s advanced age! May he have more healthy years ahead!

Enjoy the day!


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I bet your husband’s grandfather loved that. Amazing how people learn a lot from a relative,  things that they had not known before. Especially the younger generations. Reminds me of a family reunion I went to and found the oldest surviving relative on my Mom’s side, who happened to be the brother of my great grandfather. Interesting stuff about his life! 


We surprised him with a Lazy Boy recliner leather chair and a huge birthday cake with the number 90 candle. He was in his glory surrounded by grand and great grand children. He died 2 weeks later however!  : - ( 


I love an appreciate timelines. Sharing things that happen on the day our loved ones were born, and things on that same month and day going forward, is fun too. 

What you did for your husband's grandfather is admirable, wonderful for him and a cherished memory for all who loved him. Very kind.

I'm sorry to hear he passed. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

~ SandyGirl


Awww, I’m so sorry about that, Lady4u! But at least you all showed him how much you loved him when he was with you. Just being with family is a huge thing for older relatives. I remember my father-in-law lived until he was 100 and 6 months. There was a huge party for him which I attended. He died 6months later, but he had a ball at that party. 

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