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To all the special Mommies, even those moms with furry pets, hoping you have a great day. Beautiful day it is here, too. 

   On a sadder note, my dog Bailey will be going to Doggie Heaven this week. He’s lost use of both hind legs, and is miserable. I will miss being a Mom to him, my companion of 14 years today. 

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6 Answers

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I'm so sorry Bailey has reached the end of his life here.  I'm sure you've been a wonderful mother to him.  

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Thank you, Grin. He has had the life of Riley, my friend said. I will miss him very much. :(

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I'm sorry to hear about Bailey, Amy. I know how hard it is to say good-bye! ♡♡♡ 

Hope your Mother's Day was special with your daughters!

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Sorry to hear about Bailey, Amy. It's tough losing a pet. Happy Mothers Day anyway.

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Very sorry to hear about your beloved fur baby. 

Happy Mother's day to you

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OH NO, Amy! I'm so sorry. That's heartbreaking, I know. I had to put down My Cheeba, two years ago. I miss her everyday. We had some fine times.

Happy Mother's Day. Sorry this is late, busy time.


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It's very said to have to do this to pets. :( Sorry about your two dogs. 

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Thank you all for the kind sentiments!  Bailey was put down yesterday morning.  I am at a lost and can feel his absence but I remember all the funny ways he was at home. 

He was unable to get up on his own since last Tuesday, and may have had something coming from the spine, degenerative myelopathy, which is why he didnt have any sensation on the right leg at first, then the left. I was his nursemaid for more than a week, it was exhausting but I kept him clean and as comfortable as I could. 

He was sedated first, which helped to have him fall into a deep sleep, so he wouldn't feel any pain when the final injection was given to him 20 minutes later. Of course, waiting for this was the hardest part.  At least he didnt knwo what was happening. 

I was lucky to have had him in my life!

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