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It seems that everything in life has gotten wayyyyy more complicated than it used to be, and looking for ways to enjoy the 'simpler things' just reveals another aspect of life that's way more complicated than it needs to be ... and round and round it goes.  

An example; I belong to an outdoor-club and I really enjoy doing the simple activities outdoors (hiking, biking etc) with the group of like-minded members, for the sake of both my physical and mental health.

Problem is, I regularly go hiking but would like to go biking with them too, but my old 'Ten speed' bike is gone (can't find it...) and so I have to find a replacement and I've decided to build one, but researching the topic reveals another aspect in life that has gotten wayyyy too complicated. 

I'm 'mechanically inclined', so building a bike is 'right up my alley',  but reading all the anal-retentive articles about the importance of picking the right gear-sets to go with a compatible rear wheel, rim-brakes versus disc, and on and on ...  

all it makes me think is "it's a f-ing bike !  not building a new space-shuttle !  it shouldn't be this complicated !"

What's next ?  What's one to do when life gets too complicated ?

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If in doubt I do nothing these days. If I wanted a bike and it was that complicated I'd do a boat load of research and not build the bike. Another example is window shopping. I do a load of it on-line but rarely end up buying mainly because I can't afford it, but also I seriously think do I need it, can I get it for free, is there an alternative product I've already got and can I manage without it.

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When life gets complicated, and it will! I pace myself, and go back to the basics. Also, I make an active decision not overthink things! Then, if possible, I take a time out vacation or staycation. Wanna get away?! Lol!

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