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When it rains it pours. I have not had one in a while, but I've had some really bad times when everything goes wrong. I remember teaching in school once, having a nosebleed which was the result of surgery on my sinuses. It happened in the middle of class.  I had to be rushed to the hospital on an ambulance, my car was left at the school overnight, the woman who was taking care of my sick child was also developing sick symtoms and wanted me to get her right away.  I waited long in the emergency room before the doctor who had performed my surgery came to see me. Thankfully that happend many years ago. 

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September 2008

As you know we live in SW Ohio between Dayton and Cincinnati. So the last thing I prepared for or expected was a hurricane in Ohio! Hurricane Ike’s remnants rolled right into the Ohio valley.

Yes, I had seen the radar and expected some rain bands rolling through. I was taking care of my 89 year old mother at the time. She was frail a suffering from heart issues. 

The storm rolled through with sustained winds of 70-90 mph. It was beyond eerie as the temps remained high and it was sunny outside as the house began to groan like an old ship. The house sturdy and well built held together but the 22 trees on the perimeter of our property did not fair as well. The entire yard was covered with limbs and branches piled 4 ft high. No power for lights,refrigerator, stove or a/c. I feared for my mother’s life. Streets were impassable. I managed to keep her cool with 2 showers a day. Luckily we had plenty of non-perishables. We luckily had oil lamps and  plenty of oil and batteries for the 10 days without power.

But just as the roads cleared she went to the hospital via ambulance with another heart situation.

When I wasn’t at the hospital I was at home pulling up limbs and dragging them from the backyard up an incline to the front yard where the city offered to pick them up!

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I’ve heard about the possibility of hurricanes and tornados here. That’s quite an adventure you had! Especially hard on you being you were alone with your Mom with no help. I hope your Mom was okay after that?  

 Hurricanes can be ver scary indeed. I did have  a very similar experience with Hurricane Sandy out in NJ, I forget the year, but it was at least 10 to 12 yrs ago. The winds would shake the window panes, and I heard a loud cracking sound which turned out to be my neighbors tree limb falling on my fence. It didn’t break it, just landed  on it. Trees were torn up from the roots all over town and strewn across on lawns and across a bridge ramp in town. We had no power for 12 days and lived by candlelight at night. My girls were bored, so we read a lot. Then days later it snowed up a storm, and this was October, around my birthday. Many people lost their homes in the process.  It was horrible to say the least. 


Yes, my mother recovered from that escapade but continued to have issues resulting in her having a pace maker implanted only to die less than 3 months later.

It was indeed stressful mentally and physically as I was the only one to clear the entire yard in three days when the city was to pick up the debris. Obviously most people don’t have 80-100 ft trees bordering their property. Most having at most one or two moderate maple trees. Many of the branches were 15-20 ft long.


How sad about your Mom! :(. Yes that sounds very hard on you, you were brave to have faced all that on your own.  

  The trees I saw uprooted were very large. It’s like someone/something had pulled them up and threw them anywhere. It was frightening to see how Mother Nature could wreak so much havoc. 

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Everything in my life lately is adding to my "Murphys' law" story, and it's to the point where I'm seriously wondering if there's a conspiracy out there determined to destroy me ...

The latest chapter was yesterday;  I desperately need every break (from my office and all the incessant stress and over-thinking) I can afford (time, money, mental-effort vs relaxation) and one of the few things that consistently helps is hiking with the club I belong to, and Sunday they had an activity, and Bonus, only a 35 minute drive from my back door at a nature-park, so I headed-out in what should've been plenty of time to make it there at least 30 minutes ahead-of scheduled hike start time ...

Sooo ... heading out of town here, first; I had to wait at the train crossing for an Unusually long train ... ten minutes !  And now because of that delay and a decreased but still reasonable amount of 'extra' time to get there, I decided to take my 'short-cut' route instead of my usual well-known route, so (long story short...) because of my over-stressed, worn-out brain, I couldn't remember the road that the park is on, and ordinarily I could've and would've just looked it up on my phone, but as Murphy would have it, this morning, my phone was so close to dead that it didn't work ... so I took the wrong road and ended-up over 20 minutes late ...

And because my phone wasn't working I couldn't let the hike leader know I was on my way and to wait for me, or at least find out which hike/route they were taking...   So I got there and of course they were gone hiking already.

Soooo ... I figured I'd take the hiking trail/route they usually take, and I'd run like crazy and catch-up to them ...  an hour and a half of that running but no luck, I couldn't find them ...

So I went back and waited in the parking lot and waited, and after an  hour or so ... they came back ...  

I found out that they'd decided to take the usual trail in the reverse direction than they usually do for the first time, so yeah thanks again Murphy !  

so much for the much-needed stress-reducing hike!, so much for the much-needed socializing! ...

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Well, you certainly got your exercise in all that happening, not to mention the stress of trying to correct everything.  Great example of Murphy's Law, btw. 

You would need to have seen me on my moving day from NJ to OH. The things I went through, nothing could have gone more wrong. I've stated here that I was traveling with pets (3!!) and left a bag containing my jewelry (including a passed aunt's gold bracelet which had been handed down to me, being her namesake)outside the hotel entrance while trying to carry many thing,  problems with the people moving into my sold house, my lawyer calling me in the middle of everything while I was driving--and the outlet for my cell phone broke, and there was no way I could call him back. Similar to yours! I did get the bag back though, which was a big relief. 

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I live in a rural area and the power goes out a lot.  I don't really care but the power runs the pump for the water which is essential to flush the toilet.  

So, shortly after we moved here, we bought an emergency back up generator.  Then we had an electrician wire it in according to code at great expense.  

Then one day the power went out.  I went out and threw the switch from main power to generator.  Started the generator and saw the lights come on.  Went inside and turned the water on for a drink of water.  Nothing.  The lights and house stuff was on, but no water pump.

As I was checking out the problem, the generator died.  The motor ran but the generator didn't.  Eventually the power came back on.

The electrician came out and rewired the swich, I got the generator fixed.  Bad Capacitor.

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No power can be a hassle, but no water is worse. You're lucky you know about electricity. I'd have no luck with that at all and need to rely on electricians for everything. I'm glad that your electrician was at least able to come out!




The electrician was very apologetic.  The original wiring to the pump was strange and he just missed it.  So he came out the next day, the real power was back on, and fixed the problem.

For the capacitor, you don't really need to know much about electricity.  I pulled the covers off and found a huge capacitor, 3 inches wide and 5 long with a huge bulge in the side.  Things in electronics that have bulges are almost always bad.  It had a slide on connector.  The hard part was finding one.  The company that sold the generator, northern tools, had one but wanted $92 for the thing.  A guy in england, capacitor guru, had one which he sold me for $33, including shipping.  All of them made in China, probably in the same factory.

I put the cheap one in and it has been running for years, off and on.

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