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It seems like a couple weeks since I’ve heard peep from her. While I am mostly an AOR voyeur not asking a multitude of questions and answering a select few, her presence is certainly missed recently.

Here in the US when one seems to not go about their daily routine we do a wellness check to make sure all is well.

So Belle give us a sign all is well!


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I hope Belle's OK! I was hoping to hear about her father's 90th birthday celebration. I believe that was the last question she posted. 

Very nice of you to reach out, lady4u!

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Lady4U, Belle made the comment about squash 3 days ago, remember? You had asked what it was. 

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Ooooh you are right! I hadn’t read her updated comment about cordial!

Guess my Bidenitis is progressing!


Good luck with that Bidenitis!


It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Lol.


Oh good! Thank you, Amy. Glad she's OK.  : )


Bidenitis?  There's nothing wrong with Biden's mind:

   Unlike the former, thankfully. 


No amounts of links will convince me otherwise.

Watching my own father’s mental decline over 17 years shows me the signs and signals of early stages of dementia. The pattern is all too clear. I make this observation as a caregiver not as a spiteful partisan.

Many people do not realize that dementia in the early stages can have extreme extremes, some days the patient may have trouble remembering a direction and the next day seem perfectly fine. Symptoms can even swing broadly in a matter of minutes or hours.

It is like driving along a road and losing a clear radio station, when there seems to be a return of the channel on the return trip.

It’s more than a youthful stuttering ailment. There are a number of diseases that cause dementia it doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s although that comes to mind.


My own Mother had Alzheimer’s, and had it for 18 yrs before she succumbed to pneumonia. It’s for that reason alone, I see nothing wrong with Biden. My Mom had it at 64,the onset in which she repeated things she had said minutes before, forgot many words, would forget the time and make bad judgements without thinking. Later she became worse until eventually she didn’t recognize any of her children. 

   I don’t see that in Biden at all, and granted I don’t live with him so I can’t see what happens at home. But to me he speaks clearly and is understandable, always. In comparison, Trump forgets words and repeats the same ones over and over. He has used many spoonerisms in his speeches and often looks as though he can’t think of words as well. He also capitalized words in his Twitter comments that don’t  need  capitalization nation, intelligent)  which by no means shows mental decline, but either he never learned it or didn’t bother to learn. That’s why I’m thinking he does have mental decline, and like you, I’m not saying it because I don’t like him, I’m stating what I saw in his presidency. 


I am aware many pro- administration cable news stations do not replay Biden’s foibles as I actually jump across three major networks when there is analysis of his recent speeches.

True Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Lara Ingraham make sport of running montages of some of his more memorable moments.

Introducing his sister as his wife

Speaking of the Harris administration 

Speaking of “President Harris”

Multiple times asking which way do I go when exiting the stage

Recently extending his hand for a hand shake after a speech to no one there to receive it.

Seeming losing the side door to the White House after stopping to speak to reporters.

Saying he once drove 18 wheelers. Mmm false

And claiming to have been a college professor at a college where he was giving a speech. False

Many politicians have exaggerated their academics, heck even lied. But many of the things Biden comes up with are too easily checked due to his political career spanning the 20th century. Ex file video tape. And he repeats them after receiving numerous Pinocchio’s from liberal newspapers.

Didn’t Biden claim to have been arrested in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned?? False. 

It’s one thing to embellish (fib) it’s another to believe it!

You can Google: Biden’s gaffes in case you missed them.


Well, it’s obvious that only trained medical professionals along with other specialists could determine whether a person is suffering from a dementia.  They would need to look at the medical history of the person, give them a questionnaire, and ask family members about their behavior which would give them more info about their cognitive abilities. I think that Trump may suffer from a learning disability, if not a cognitive impairment, but that’s my opinion.  By the way, I get lost exiting doctors’ rooms all the time and have to be told where the exits are. I did see one of the videos in what you mentioned, and most of them were of The Sun pointing out Biden saying many tongue twisters.  "President Harris"—well, that's easily understood. You would laugh if I told you how many times I get my daughter’s names confused with relatives’ names. 

Lady4U, I’m sure you know that the source you got the information on Biden is The Sun. That’s the UK equivalent of The National Enquirer in the US, not exactly where you want to get news from! 


This was just a collection from one year....


Excellent! You know honestly, he did create some of his own words when he couldn’t think of the proper words. And honestly, his speech is many times slurred, giving the impression that he’s drunk. :/ 


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